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  • nothri
    replied to Design choices for Mummy
    The need to rest, the need to return to the grave and find some small peace in the dreamless sleep of an imperfect afterlife...this is not an obscure part of Mummy stories. These are one of the central conceits...that all mummies are drawn, if not actively desirous, of that return to their tomb and their rest. I remember that being the core theme of Van Richten's guide to the Ancient Dead back in my pre-turn-of-the-millenium D&D days. So the counting down of the power stat is basically a reflection of a Mummy's time on Earth running out, the amount of months and days he can walk among the...
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  • nothri
    replied to What is a Shade?
    Yeeeah. I remember hearing that somewhere. Still underwhelmed by the concept. "Hi all you soul eaters out there! Are you tired of feasting on the delicious ectoplasmic filling of the recently departed only to gain ephermeral girth? Are manifesting in the physical realm and maintaining a regular exorcise program conflicting with your inscrutable agendas! The underworld has the solution for you! Introducing GHOST(tm), a new delicious artificial soul substitute with the same great taste with none of the empty ectocalories!"

    My own misgivings and refusal to use ghosts as I-Can't-Believe-they-aren't-Souls...
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  • nothri
    started a topic What is a Shade?

    What is a Shade?

    So....cosmologically speaking, what do you think causes a soul to become a shade vs a ghost? Is a shade a incarnate piece of the soul (an, ren, ba. ka, etc?) that separates from the rest? Is it a being whose life and death were fundamentally different from what would create a ghost? An entity rich in Sekhem or cursed by fate? What “causes” someone to die in a way that binds them to Duat when there isn’t some asshole god thing performing a Rite to send them there? Canon and theories welcome.
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