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  • Typically it takes several months for the artifact used to power the Rite of Return to become functional again, give or take a few weeks. Your average descent takes longer than a vessel does to recharge- barring a simple mission or a Mummy that really really pisses of the judges a lot. Other than that the only limit is how many magical artifacts are available or cultists willing to sacrifice themselves in a soul merger. Of course there is the ever present danger that something goes wrong and the Mummy becomes shusnkhsen but that’s not exactly the same thing.
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  • nothri
    replied to It's coming!
    I’m curious if there is any non-spoilers y’all can talk about in the meantime. For instance on the decrees- since talking about what’s gonna be different is probably a no fly zone I’m curious if there is anything from the old edition you felt strongly about carrying over into the new one. What about the decrees appealed to you and made you excited to be working on them?
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  • nothri
    replied to The God Machine Reboot
    I don't really have much to add, except the hopefully amusing imagine that entered my mind of a Demon contacting his Ring. "Soooo...I went ahead and called tech support...they wanted to know if we had tried turning our God off and back on again..."
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  • nothri
    started a topic Sorcerers


    I had a few questions about sorcerers as presented in dark eras companion. A very exciting concept I must say!

    1. If we assume that the history in Book of the Deceived is true, can we also assume Isis was the first of these sorcerers or at worst the most powerful of her day?

    2. In my understanding sorcerers would be considered a step beneath thaumaturges as per Second Sight. Would you consider the merits in the magic chapters (including the Lovecraft one) available to sorcerers or are those too powerful in general?

    3. My knowledge of the CoD is by no means...
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