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  • Growls
    replied to Ask the Devs

    A few more for the chopping block.

    Static Values and Charms that use them as effects. In this case, I'm refering to Doe Eyed Defense (DED).
    I've been told that DED does not use the modified Guile and only the raw Guile. So, if for instance that my Black Claw Stylist with Guile 4 has acquired Guarded Thought Meditation, and commited it, ending your Guile at 7, the value used by the DED would still be 4. Correct?

    Penalties and Battle Groups.
    I've run into a bit of a snag, and I'm using DED again. Battlegroups attack the...
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  • Yeah, if anything, I think there should be a... careful approach to Mr. McFarland and his person.
    .... firk... I thought we were done with that issue.



    I like the book, but I'm also a bit concerned with the previous statements about the East Asian and Pacific Kithains......
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  • Growls
    replied to Moonsilver Warstrider ideas?
    .... I had a completely different thought when seeing that title.

    And now I want to see a Moonsliver transforming Warstrider....
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  • Growls
    replied to The Thousand Sanctioned Beasts—Elementals
    As people have said, this is amazing.

    And I have a Elemental Summoner in my game that will love these.
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