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    Right. I threw a demonic version of Mata-Yadh at my four Solars at Essence 3 yesterday.

    - Melee focused Twilight in Stormwind Rider
    - Brawl-dipping Eclipse.
    - Archery-speced Night
    - And a Tiger Stylist Zenith with Thunderbolt Attack Prana.

    It took about.. 2½ hour for them to take him down. And they started out great.
    The Zenith rolled something like 19 successes on the Join Battle, and decided to Smite the ever-loving shit out of him.smashing him for 15 HLs due to Thunderbolt Attack Prana, only to realize the lack of Wound...
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  • I'll try to reach out to the former Admin, to check if he got a backup laying around.

    Because... a new edition? I think we could do a bit for Spikey's memory to make it available for new players.
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  • Spikey was one of the greatest scholars of myth and legend I ever had the fortune of gaming with.
    He's is terribly missed.

    Good to hear his vision will live on with other gamers.
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  • The right URL?
    What I'm looking for is

    But... I suppose that those saved parts don't go that deep...
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  • Lost Dreams and where to find them... [Looking for lost SnE material]

    Once upon a time, there was a vibrant online community.
    Thwas the realm of Shadownessence, where the community crowded around those games that we all cherished. The Kindred, the Garou and the Willworkers.
    But. Times change, and so did we, and Shadownessence disappeared to mists of time.
    However, the most enduring assembly of storytellers were those who spoke of Kithain. And their dreams were vibrant and colorful.

    One storyteller made tales about the eastern lands, of the Perfumed Empire of India.
    His name was Spikey, and has since unfortunately passed away,...
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  • Well.
    The table I ran had a player death. Turns out a frenzy-struck vampire versus a team of GSG9 with assault rifles on FA is pretty detrimental to anyone.

    I was a Storyteller, and I really enjoyed to see my player's cringe when the Ventrue realized that a baby was an amazing meal to get her hands on. I loved the fact that the writers decided to give each of them names, and focus on the visceral side of the hunt.

    As far as I gathered, the Success with Consequence is an option, not a requirement, and only available when the ST deems that it can actually happen....
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  • Right.
    As far as I'm concerned, WWII is a very real aftermath in Europe.

    As far as I gathered, what mortals do have always been mortal things. And this is pretty much still the thing. The Sabbat is not orchestrating anything. They're worsening things. The vampires are not movers and shakers, but they're making things a lot worse, playing both sides....
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  • There will be Rage. Calm down....
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  • Here's the thing. They're making a rulebook. And two setting books. If you like what you're hearing Ken Hite is doing with the rules, you can buy the setting.

    And what the hell is super-edgy about this presentation? A majority of his time talked about the gradient of people's preference in horror fiction?

    The game was introduced as the following:

    9/11 has been used as an thing for many fucking years. Tribebook Silent Striders. It's a horrible, horrible thing to have happened, but so was the Balkan...
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  • At this moment, they publishing Beckett's Jyhad Diary, the centerpiece of bringing in the metaplot to the current day and age.
    After that, they will probably not work on the main book of VtM, but as far as I gathered, WW is not going to be doing a lot of the books themselves.

    And in regards to the second Imperigium.

    We've had two slides and a piece of flavor text. Let's just chill for a moment.

    [/Growls, who is currently sitting in Berlin, awaiting to go to the V5 playtest]...
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  • I'd love to see the Changeling universe expanded.

    But... I still lament the loss of the stuff made by Spikey on the Shadownessence forums. He had made both Djinn and Asura kiths, and they really worked wonders.
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