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  • Does anyone actually Like the Bronze/Gold divide?

    I feel like every time I hear about someone playing a Sidereal, they're usually doing the "Creation is on Fire, why are you letting petty politics interfere with putting it out!?!" type of character who basically just gave up on the Bronze/Gold infighting and went Independent (or, well, as independent as you can go without Chejop taking away your parking space or something).

    However, this is anecdotal evidence at best and it might just be personal bias (as I really dislike the factions being stuck on a thing that hasn't mattered for over a thousand years instead of stuff...
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  • BrilliantRain
    replied to Your Anime Inspirations list
    ....I'm totally gonna call Avatar a Sparkling Cartoon from now on.

    Anyway, I will second Scrapped Princess as Exalted fodder. Its magic feels very much like Sorcery and the main characters are running from a group of religious knights who want to murder them because of prophesy. So.

    Flame of Recca is "What if we did Exalted, but everyone only had a five dot artifact with cool evocations, instead of innate charms?" Well, and then one guy whined real hard and got to play a Fire Aspect. Ensui, the Water Sword, is a great example, as it's as much a Martial Arts...
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