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  • Incendax
    replied to Scion Media
    It's in the Wikipedia page for the second Rick Riordan series, The Lost Hero. It specifically mentions Warcraft and Scion as inspirations, but doesn't provide any citation. I also seem to recall an interview or something where it gets mentioned, but I have no idea where that might be if I'm not just imagining things....
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  • Incendax
    replied to How to create a Modern God?
    Two gods get together and interact. Sometimes they have sex, sometimes they just mingle together, sometimes one ejaculates on the other and the other brushes it off uncomfortably and it spawns a new entity on its own, sometimes the heavens and the earth meet and things just happen. Almost anything you can reasonably think of can result in a new god.

    How gods become supernaturally connected to ideas depends incredibly on the culture they are representing (or trying to emulate). Some gods are just born connected to an idea, while others have a personality that is close to an idea and...
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