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  • Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
    replied to Hunger frenzy in 2E?
    I run it similarly. Being hungry alone isn't enough to risk frenzy. Basically I have a rule "don't make people check for frenzy unless there's a reasonable chance they fail." So there has to be either one BIG factor, or a constellation of smaller factors that add up to a significant likelihood of frenzy. And the threshold obviously is different for someone with a small starting dicepool (before penalties) than with a big dicepool (before penalties)....
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  • Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
    replied to Mortals Who Know
    I think it also reflects a really interesting divide between articles of faith, and practice. Like, yeah most vampires still probably teach their Childer "tell nobody. Everybody is a threat. Anyone could lead the torches to your haven," whether that's a religious dictate or the mission of the Invictus. But in practice, this is more nuanced. "Tell nobody" turns into "you're responsible for who you tell, and if you let it slide you'll pay the consequences either at their hands or ours." It becomes less bright line, and more nuanced common-sense secretiveness....
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