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  • For dress and clothes, remember that social mores varied a lot from time to time, place to place, and class to class, and that what is written down in books saying "this is right and proper" and what was actually DONE may be totally different. If there are hundreds of style articles arguing that dresses shouldn't be longer than X, then you can know for certain that there is a certain society of people around there that the article is responding to. So if it says "ankle is a bit too much", then you know for certain that there are tons of women who ARE showing ankle....
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  • So, the word "Irem" is first found in the Qur'an, 89:8, Surat al-Fajr, The Dawn. It is إِرَمَ, which in IPA would be "?ɪram", beginning with a small glottal stop, so I would go with that. ...
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  • Yes, Lancea Elders would to a large part remain Christian, and even those who convert would retain their Miracles, and perhaps even teach them to new disciples. This wouldn't be until, as I wrote, several centuries after Islam dominated the Middle East politically; for quite some time, Islam was a politically powerful minority ruling over Christian and Zoroastrian minorities, and the vampire population would have been even slower to convert than the populace, for several reasons.

    So, as I see it, any Muslim faith-covenant would emerge dominated by young monsters and the VERY rare...
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