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  • The city doesn't really map nicely into four quadrants though. The only thing I can think of that even mirrors that would be the town of Mont Royal, which is not technically part of Mount Royal, half of which is set out in a big X or asterisk-shaped design. And thematically I feel like if you start getting really philosophical about dividing CONCEPTUAL space into quadrants, it's starting to get more Mage than Vampire....
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  • That's certainly the most likely version by Occam's Razor, but does it make as good a chronicle? The advantage of having a complicated back-story is there are multiple lines of investigation for players to pick up on. Perhaps they begin by researching the Cross, perhaps by researching the Street, perhaps by talking to one of the 4 old families. There are multiple characters who they can investigate to pick up on threads, as well as multiple recent events to link things to. Very little risk of them getting stuck at a vital step, because there's always another route of investigation.
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