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  • Because sometimes a stable era with proper themes is more interesting than an unstable era. Just as Promethean is "what does it mean to be human and can I get there?", 1950s is the first introspective period in Soviet Russia; when they started to ask "what does it mean to be communist and can I get there?", especially in the Kruschev era. The Purges were more straightforward with-us-or-against-us, not very complementary themes....
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  • How does he contact his allies and retainers from outside the city? He won't be able to react to anything quickly, it'll always take at least an extra day for anything to happen. If an important event occurs, he won't learn of it until his Contacts send word, which is half a day to get to the outlying towns, and then again another half a day for whatever his response is to get back to Rome.

    So if you want to play with it, have something with that. Have something happen that he can't respond to right away.
    Also, unless his retainer is also a skilled vampire-slayer, chances...
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