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  • robothedino
    replied to Fossil spirits
    Thanks for the note- the plant fossil spirits would presumably work similarly, but read memories from plant-spirits rather than animal-spirits.
    Oil spirits are a cool idea, but not really of the same sort as what I'm talking about here. Note that these are not spirits of fossils, but spirits that have "fossilized". While fossils are resonant with them, and they can draw essence from them, they don't spring into being as reflections of fossils.
    (My take on the spirit world strays a bit from the canonical one. I much prefer to view the spirit world as being "realer"...
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  • robothedino
    started a topic Fossil spirits

    Fossil spirits

    Something I'm ginning up for my Pbp game. Anyone who wants to expand on, criticize, or otherwise contribute to this concept is warmly welcomed.

    he spirits of rock and earth are generally regarded as passive, disinterested, and sedentary by both uratha and other sorts of spirits. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth- they are enmeshed in deep, complex, high-stakes political and military relationships with each other and the spirits of wind, rain, and plant life that shape their world. While their machinations unfold over aeons, rather than seasons or years, they are...
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  • robothedino
    started a topic Storm Lords in Lakota lore

    Storm Lords in Lakota lore

    So I always thought the Storm Lords' affinity for weather was a bit incongruent- weather-witching was never something I associated with werewolves. Then I found this:

    Wolves were highly wakan to the Lakotas, and they were known as the messengers of Waziya [the North Wind] (Tyon, Garnett, Thunder Bear, Sword, and Blunt Horn in Walker 1980:101, Red Rabbit in Walker 1980:125, Tyon in Walker 1980:160) and able to produce wind or fog when they howled (Wissler 1912:91; Brown 1992:35). Warriors emulated wolves because they were hardy, fast, and agile (Densmore 1918:71; Wissler 1912:91)....
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  • All of the forsaken tribes are well-represented, with the Hunters in Darkness and Storm Lords holding many leadership positions, and a fairly weak Blood Talon contingent.
    If you're still interested you should get in on the discussion asap- we are in the brainstorming process as we speak!
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  • Thanks for catching this- yes, 2nd Ed. is the joint.

    Short answer: Yes?
    Longer answer: If by "cult" you mean some Lovecraftian throng of inscrutable occultist calling upon sanity-shattering eldritch forces named only in mouldering texts translated by a mad Arab from the original Akkadian, probably no.
    If you mean an Eyes Wide Shut style cabal of venal, jaded magnates who hide their excess behind the palisades of mansions, dedicating their bacchanals in the name of some Mammonian patron, probably no.

    A mixed-blood Native family living in a...
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  • Politics of nuzusul recruitment; OR, why are there even starting PC packs?

    Every WtF game begins with a basic problem for me: What are all these freshly-minted werewolves doing in a pack together? My beginning assumptions are: A, that First Changes are distributed more-or-less evenly across time, B, that fresh bodies are one of the most valuable resources an established pack can compete for, and C, that all the territory worth holding is already taken by established packs.
    If those three assumptions are true, it seems that new werewolves will be rather swiftly inducted into established packs as they Change, and the typical player pack of brand new werewolves with...
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  • That would be fine by me, though I see no reason that couldn't be done publicly here on the forum. There's a decent enough chance that the questions and answers would be of interest to other parties, and gives me an excuse to do more PR for the game. : )

    I'm also now seeing that the forum is telling me I have new private messages, but none appear in my inbox- perhaps part of the forum issues that are happening right now? If you sent me a message in regards to the game, I didn't get it, so please either contact me through, or post something publicly here. Cheers!...
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  • PbP recruitment: "The Stone Still Bleeds - Hunting Grounds of the Black Hills"

    Hey all. This is a casting call for a play-by-post game I’m launching, to be run over at, set in the Black Hills region of South Dakota and Wyoming. There is still some preparatory work to be done, and I don't expect the game to be ready to start for another month or so, but want to begin recruiting players. The link to the game site is here, and you can view the game map (in progress) here.
    Things you might like about this game:
    - A thoroughly researched and detailed setting, founded on the fascinating and complex history of one of the most storied locales in Ameri...
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