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  • Snakesandsuns
    started a topic ​How you do your Mage population

    ​How you do your Mage population

    So this is more of a under the trunk GM world building sort of discussion. I am currently writing out the list of NPC and cabals for my game. While doing this I am curious about your own strategies for brewing up your city? Do you build cabals and groups as you go, pre-plan them, a bit of column a and b?

    I am personally keeping the mage population small enough to manage but big enough to showcase a wide variety of personality. So I am keeping it at a population of 30 npcs (6 mages per path) in the collegium and then about 10 as outside advisories. Of the 30 I have 10 as mages that...
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  • Snakesandsuns
    started a topic Wealth (Resources) and Mages

    Wealth (Resources) and Mages

    Dearest Fellows,

    How do you handle the resource merit in your mage games from both a player and game master? For when dealing with individuals that can simply conjure up what they need from thin air, foretell a future financial boon, or any number of tool/wealth creation tricks the merit itself seems lackluster except for roll playing reasons and back story. This mind you is a very good reason to have the merit! However, compared to other things to spend your experience on it seems lack luster compared to say having a magically bound spirit or knowing a magical martial art.
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  • Is there any fan supplements that update 1e legacies to 2e? Are there any offical legacy supplements in the pipeline?...
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