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  • Vitalis
    replied to New Play-by-Post Game
    Hello. I noticed the V20 in your link, so I went digging. Your site has your characters be fledglings for the clan Toreador, Unfortunately that leads me to believe that you are running a Masquerade game? This section of the forums is for Requiem, which is not the same game.

    They are about as similar as AD&D and 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons.

    Also there is a section devoted entirely to finding players for games. Here Best of Luck to you!
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  • I have read over the first and second edition stuff and I don't see them like that at all. I am not entirely sure what you are reading that made you get to that conclusion.

    Vampires certainly CAN be real fucking monsters. But you dont HAVE to be one. You can play their personalities however you'd like. No where in the book does it say they have to be slobbering monsters foaming at the maw. They can be anything from Anne Rice's Louis or Lestat to Dracula Untold to John Carpenter's Vampires to What we do in the Shadows.......
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  • I agree, it's not sustained. It was something done one time that lasts days. Like a burn, it happened, and it lingers, taking days to fully go away.

    I would say that neither torpor nor getting possessed break it. If the strix can convince the charmed person they are the vampire, then that's all it takes.

    However if the strix dramaticly failed on convincing the charmed person that they are the vampire, then I would let Them think something is fishy at least....
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  • Does anyone know when the Half Damned book is going to come out? I swear I read something that said April- June and June is almost over....
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  • I am just going to hop in too.

    Question 1: Interdisciplinary specialty the merit will allow you to get bonuses in related things.
    Effect: Choose a Specialty that your character possesses
    when you purchase this Merit. You can apply the +1 die bonus
    from that Specialty on any Skill with at least one dot, provided
    it’s justifiable within the scope of the fiction. For example, a
    doctor with a Medicine Specialty in Anatomy may be able to
    use it when targeting a specific body part with Weaponry, but
    could not with a general strike.

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