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  • If they are conscious enough to think they're probably conscious enough to be able to use their magic. If they aren't conscious enough to think they'll probably eventually lose conscious control of their magic. Regardless, except for short term possession that ends in the death of the possessed mage (and almost certainly even then) the spirit is going to come to regret its life choices....
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  • I'd think the answer is usually no, but with a certain caveat. A mage typically needs to be able to think to cast magic, so in general, a mage who is possessed cannot think and therefore can't cast. But, IIRC in a previous discussions about cutting mages off from thinking/using their magic, it was stated that while it might work for a while, because magic is just as much an expression of the soul you'd more likely than not turn them into something like one of the Mad. Without the ability to consciously control their magic, their magic would instead eventually become completely unshackled and act...
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