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  • CaptOtter
    started a topic Skyriggers: Where should I be looking?

    Skyriggers: Where should I be looking?

    Hello, all. I find myself in need of info, stats, or any other available particulars regarding skyriggers. So far I've found some scant info on design/manufacture, stats, and operational principles in the Sorcerer's Crusade supplements Artisan's Handbook, Crusader Lore, and Castles and Covenants. Please let me know if there's anywhere else I should be looking--be it canon, Storyteller's Vault, or otherwise fan-made materials. I saw a thread with some homebrew stuff in some Changeling posts already, but I was only searching for the word "Skyrigger", and can't be sure there isn't some...
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  • CaptOtter
    replied to So: What's Next?
    At this point I'm hoping someone much smarter than I starts a fan project to slowly adapt pre-V5 WOD to the Story path system. This and Storyteller's Vault are my great hope for the IP. If V5 is any kind of useful indicator of what's to come, I'm just not interested in the sorts of games Paradox wants people running or playing.
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