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  • Star Sage
    started a topic Native American Vampires

    Native American Vampires

    One of my favorite things as a vampire ST is designing ancient histories and feuds that the local kindred have and how these come to haunt the PCs. Every single chronicle I've done with my groups has been in North America for the simple reason that I have not been to Europe and I get worried I would end up depicting London, Paris, or Berlin as some sort of Hollywood inspired theme park city.

    So instead I focus a fair deal on North America's history and occasionally have had a few elders with rich histories across the Atlantic that immigrated here for one reason or another, but most...
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  • I can't believe I forgot about the banality worm, especially since a pc in one of our Cheiron Chronicles (I've done at least 3, easily one of my favorite hunter groups) dumped so much xp on the little buddy. I was contemplating having gospels work on other supernaturals at -2 or something, not unlike what is suggested with the Cainite Heresy. However I was curious if any Awakening experts knew if the Abyss' interaction with other supernatural abilities beyond the Atlantean is ever discussed in the Mage line.
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  • Star Sage
    started a topic Goetic Gospels vs Other Supernaturals

    Goetic Gospels vs Other Supernaturals

    Hey, 1st Edition nWoD player here. I couldn't help but notice in Witch Finders where the Goetic Gospels of the Knights of St. George are detailed they repeatedly imply that the Gospels are targeted at Witches, the Mysteries they wield, and Source. However much like how the Lucifuge are given some leniency with what counts as a demon, I wondered if Goetic Gospels could work on other supernatural powers. For instance the spirit sorcery wielded by werewolves and other creatures of the shadow, underworld magics wielded by ghosts and sin eaters alike, both of which are shown to have some relation to...
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