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    replied to So... The Beckoning.
    I guess, but at this point it's just guesswork on our part. Maybe it will be revealed in future books...
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  • Yes, you can. Check p. 244 "Selecting Powers"
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  • I read somewhere that Haderstadt wanted to cling to the old ideal that EVERYONE is Camarilla, if they know or like it or not. While the rest of them wanted to turn it into an elitists country club. So I guess they used Bell to get rid of Harderstadt vetoing that change, and at the same time using his murder as "See, see! You can't trust those Brujah beasts! Best it's just us civilized clans!"...
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  • You seem to forget that most vampires don't go around just randomly murdering everyone they feed on. The easiest to cover up is obviously the seduction route. The victim will have an amazing orgasm from the Kiss and then fall asleep, which they'll attribute to exhaustion and not blood loss. Social media and Tinder etc are a great help for them here.

    But even a Brujah or Gangrel or Nosferatu jumping their victims in the park and biting them is more likely rationalized as an animal attack than a vampire attack. Because people don't want to face the truth about what goes bump in the...
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