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  • The 3 xp per flaw actually sounds reasonable. I was thinking maybe give them an extra merit for it, or an extra coterie merit, but think the 3 xp is a bit more flexible.

    The ones in Backgrounds seem to me that they're allowed as flaws, since the 7 points are "Merits or Backgrounds" so they're treated the same on that end, so the flaws should be treated the same too.

    I have ruled though that the extra ones from Predator type do not count into the 7 or 2 respectively.

    As for buying them off... I'd not allow it during char gen, but during play, su...
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  • V5 - Merits and Flaws question

    So in V5 you take up to 7 merits and at least 2 flaws.

    Any merits of the 7 you don't spend you can then take with you into the Coterie, for shared things.

    Ok, so far, so good.

    What we have not found yet though is this:

    Is there any incentive given by the book to take more than the minimum 2 flaws? Roleplay, Story, rounding out characters or "it makes sense" are all nice answers, but most of the flaws actually have quite an impact on the mechanics side of things, so I'm wondering if there's any mechanical benefit to balance that out...
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