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  • Yes I'm aware of that. But as I said, for now that has been enough, but times are changing. Till now it was enough to have your claws in the local news media, and squash any story from becoming to big. Bury it on page 30 or drop it entirely. But now everyone is their own publisher. A blog takes 3 minutes to set up. Facebook and instagram or twitter have messages go viral before the people even realize it.

    That's my point. They WON'T be able to squash all of it. There is no way.

    Sorry, if that wasn't clear, I didn't mean "how will the other supes react to...
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  • One could also say "You can't get secondary paths with freebie points" since it's not in there. Never came up in my game yet, so I don't know how I'd handle it. I might just use the DA20 rule...
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  • What will happen when Vampires are revealed to the public?

    With the rapid increase in technology, the widespread use of cameras, human's tendency these days to live-stream a tragedy first before ducking for cover or calling 911, I firmly believe it's only a matter of time till Vampires get exposed to the public.

    There's only so many youtube videos of a frenzying vampire you can write "Lol fake" under or pretend its part of a movie production, if it's getting live streamed on instagram and facebook from 12 different angles. In days past, it was enough to block the local newspaper from reporting it, and the story died. Now it's over...
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