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  • That's what I thought at first. But rituals use a dicepool of Intelligence + Occult, not Willpower. So that won't help at all with rituals, which is in complete opposition to what that ritual's description says. I'll have to chat with my ST about this I suppose, doesn't seem like there's much in the way of things supported by the rules....
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  • Hmm, it says you can draw on the willpower of all the other tremere in the circle with the Power of the Pyramid ritual. What exactly does that mean? Does that mean each of them can spend a willpower for an automatic success?

    That would be nice, but if I only get access to their willpower and can still only spend 1 per ritual (which doesn't use Willpower) - it doesn't really amplify the ritual at all.
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  • Making a Thaumaturgy Ritual easier? Teamwork or something?

    My Tremere knows the "Enchant Talisman" Ritual. It's said that it's one of the first rituals a Tremere learns once they reach rank 5 in Thaumaturgy, but when I then look at the mechanics, I have trouble believing that to be true.

    You get 4 rolls of your Int+Occult, at Difficulty 8 and you need to get 20 successes total. By the time the Tremere gets their first path to 5, they maybe have Int and Occult both at 4 (which is what I have), which gives them 8 dice, which makes it a 2.5 percent chance of succeeding the ritual, IF they spend Willpower on every of the 4 rolls AND...
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