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    replied to Hiding diablerie staints
    That's probably what I would have gone with in some way. He didn't regret doing it, just disappointed he didn't get the loot. That's different.

    "Your honor, I'm sorry that I shot him. I shouldn't have done that, I know that now. He didn't even have the two million dollars on him, that I thought he would have!" I mean, sincere sounds different,

    I'm glad you found a way to keep going, though a loss of 3 (?) humanity (in addition with the -1/2 from the actual Diablerie) ... ouch....
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    replied to Resources and Tremere
    Stipend or allowance given to you by the Chantry, so you can properly do your research and other Tremere stuff maybe?...
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  • I actually kinda liked the idea of the Hunger system, it makes it more unpredictable, and realistic. I mean you don't go and say "So, I now ate a slice of bread, which means I can run X meters, lift Y kilos Z times, before I get hungry again". You feel full, do stuff, and eventually feel hungry again. YOu might have a general idea of when that's gonna happen, but you can't measure it exactly.

    With Vitae pools you can. You know exactly how often you can bloodbuff, power disciplines etc, before you're in danger of a hunger frenzy and need to feed. It always felt... weird to...
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  • Speaking of, since Vampiric appearances are static and not easy to change, would those fingernails have regrown the next night?...
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  • As long as you have 1 success it's never a botch in V20. That's not the issue, the issue is that 1s eat up successes.

    It's a psychological effect, we hate losing things.
    In a study, participants were given $50 at the start. Then they were asked to choose between one of the 2 options:
    1. keep $30, or
    2. gamble with a 50/50 chance of keeping or losing the whole $50.
    Most chose to keep the money. Now they reframed the options:
    1. losing $20, or
    2. gambling with a 50/50 chance of keeping or losing the whole $50.
    It was exactly the same thing! But now people were much more likely to...
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  • Thanks everyone for your input!

    I'm the ST in my game obviously, the one I'm considering this house rule for. I don't think I make my players roll for mundane shit, unless they're really obnoxious about it

    We also use the "If dicepool > difficulty don't bother" rule from the book, unless its combat, or they want to roll to get more than the minimal success.

    But I know it frustrates my players if they roll high dicepools and don't get any successes or just 1 because of all the 1s eating their hits. I know it frustrates me in the other games...
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  • Gangrel are notorious for siring childer and then letting them fend for themselves. So the sire might be watching but not actually interfer, so he could stay invisible and you don't need an actual NPC for him...
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  • Getting rid of the "Rule of 1" - anyone done it?


    So one thing that I find about the most frustrating thing on V20 or the oWoD in general, is that 1s subtract from successes. I know it's part of the system, but I really hate it. You roll a high dicepool, with a low difficulty, but because 3 of the 8 dice are 1s, you get 0 successes, because it cancels out everything else.

    I'm considering just getting rid of that rule. So 1s and no hit would still be a botch, but if you get hits they wouldn't subtract anymore.
    Obviously it will result in players getting more hits most of the time, and succeeding more often....
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  • Beckett's Jyhad Diary: Meeting with Portia

    So I'm reading through the Beckett's Jyhad Diary, and came upon the passage on page 38+39 where he meets with Portia. Yes, I do know who she is, so that's not the question.

    She's clearly using a discipline on him. I'm wondering, is she using Dominate or Presence?

    I think it's Presence, but a friend had more of a Dominate feel, so asking for some other opinions here
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    replied to Waking from Torpor
    Well that's it, it's not. It's SPECIFICALLY directs you to the Awakening rules. Check p. 283 in the V20 book if you don't believe me.

    p. 284 V20: "A torpid vampire may ignore the nightly need for blood; she is effectively in hibernation"

    Ok thank you all, that does help a lot. Didn't know about the reflexive rolls not suffering penalties, so thanks for that too.

    In a way I wanna say "Yes, you need 5 hits", because that would explain situations like a methusalah waking up shortly to give new commands to followers and then slipping...
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    started a topic Waking from Torpor

    Waking from Torpor

    So my Humanity 6 vampire went into Torpor yesterday, after taking a lot of damage, and now I'm wondering how she'll wake up from it again, after sleeping for the mandatory month. That is assuming she survives the rest of the night and all, of course.

    Now I'm a bit confused. According to the V20 book on page 283 it says:

    Alright... so for Awakening on p 262 it says:

    So first off, that rule of for awakening during the day, but its specifically called out and the only roll given, so have to go with this.

    Now here my questions:...
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