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  • VenomPuppy
    replied to Stacking Paradox Rules
    As an addendum to this, wouldn't that mean every spell cast in the same scene add +1 to Paradox and therefore add to the cumulative paradox? So you risk 1 reach on your first spell, your second spell will be 1 paradox, and third spell would have 2 paradox and so on, even if the other spells do not normally risk paradox?
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  • VenomPuppy
    started a topic Stacking Paradox Rules

    Stacking Paradox Rules

    So, this is something that came up in a PbP campaign online, but it seems that there's some contention on how stacking Paradox works within a scene. Specifically, referencing this section. 'Each Paradox roll after the first made for the same caster within the same scene. This bonus accumulates with each roll, so the third roll made for a mage within a scene has a +2 modifier.'

    So there's two interpretations.

    1. This only applies to spellcasting rolls that risk Paradox in a scene, and spells cast that have no risk of Paradox do not suffer this cumulative penalty.
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