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  • It will really depend on the cell, compact, or conspiracy. If you work for Task Force: Valkyrie then i imagine a bring em alive to be prefered, while the Union would have no clue WTF is going on and just shoot them til they stop moving, and the Cheiron Group might go either way (Definatly the conspirecy i feel would make the most deviants)...
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  • Penguinbowler
    replied to Gods without Pantheons
    Lady Liberty is a goddess, the roman goddess Liberatus. But for the most part i agree with you, maybe make Columbia a goddess, but still fine with her being a demigod. Also Captain america isn't an Anthromporhic personification of the USA like Uncle Sam is....
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  • Penguinbowler
    started a topic Gods without Pantheons

    Gods without Pantheons

    So while reading origen i came across 2 names that really caught my eye in the new york city section, Mammon and Columbia. Mammon is one of the seven princes of hell, so you MIGHT be able to make him an Abrahamic Titan, but that just means Wall Street is a Titanic Cult, (unless you say the Seven Princes of Hell are just regular deities) Columbia meanwhile is one of the 2 personifications of the USA, the other being Uncle Sam, and as such wouldn't really have a proper pantheon. I actually really like the idea of there being a few oddball. maybe you could through other "Not Really Deities"...
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