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  • Big issue we have here is one that is fairly difficult to answer.

    What is and is not, a Dragon? What does a Dragon mean? What role does said Dragon Play?
    Because there are many different beings that could be considered a Dragon, the Tarasque was said to be a dragon despite being mostly Mammalian, while Apep, despite being a huge Serpant, likely isn't. Au Guong despite being a fairly big jerk, was still an important member of the Shen and one of the 4 Dragon Kings of the Seas, meanwhile the Hydra is basically pure poison with a single immortal head (Greek immortality, so Herc...
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  • Yeah, and this isn't even getting to people who might be worshiped by different cultures as members of a pantheon (Japanese Shrines in Hawaii include figures like King Kamehameha the Great and George Washington, when they obviously aren't considered kami by the Japanese who live on Japan). Religions aren't static in the slightest.
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  • Penguinbowler
    replied to Mikaboshi
    Everytime someone portrays hades or Ares as Satan i want to punch them in the face....
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  • I am down for a full alien gameline
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