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  • ThriceHonored
    started a topic Second Sight Third Eye

    Second Sight Third Eye

    Is it a thorough update and is it worth buying?
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  • Good so far, or complete drivel?
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  • Ventrue: Of all the actors there masks are the most grand, but look a little closer and you’ll see the ugly little thing behind it.

    Daeva: In the nights of old they styled themselves as gods. There fall was meteoric and stings their pride still.

    Mekhet: They know a great deal about a great many things. I admire this, and if they learn how little it is they truly know then I will respect them as well.

    Gangrel: The beast in any form is a burden. What they call embracing their beast, a keener intellect might call surrendering.

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  • Possible origins:

    There is a seemingly instinctual desire in the Progeny to be in low places. Deep underground, down in the valleys, below black cold water. This has given rise to a widely known myth that all C’Thrashi are but progeny of a vast underground aberration known commonly as “The Worm.” The Worm gave rise to the first of the Bloodworms, and for reasons no sane mind can fathom seeded the overworld with it’s brood.

    The scholars of lost Irem left behind tattered and battered texts of a star that fell from the heavens. The great heavenly body struck...
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  • Clan C’Thrash
    “The children of Elder Gods”

    Plural: C’Thrashi

    Nickname: Progeny

    Disciplines: Auspex, Obfuscate, Resilience

    Choose intelligence or stamina

    Why you want to be us: We can see every atom of your existence, and when you look back you only see what we want you to see. No mortal, no mystery, no bullet is going to put us down. Why do you want to be one of us? Your choice is not a factor.

    Why you should fear us: We are the monsters among monsters. Do not mistake us for simple beasts. We are...
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  • ThriceHonored
    started a topic Clan C’Thrashi : The Progeny

    Clan C’Thrashi : The Progeny

    The progeny are by far the most monstrous vampiric creatures in the world of darkness. There origins or shrouded in mystery, and they operate on the periphery of kindred Society. As it is sometimes the case, they may be so rare or so secretive that the kindred may not be aware of them at all.

    To call them a separate clan is not entirely accurate. They are more akin to a divergent species. It may even be that they have no connection whatsoever other than a rather large handful of similarities to the kindred.

    The C’Thrashi run the range of heights and weights common...
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