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  • ThriceHonored
    replied to Changing Breeds 1.5
    Part of why I liked CB is that it provides a rough toolbox of nonsense to build any sort of shape shifter you want to. A player of mine actually had the idea to play a Were-Man. The idea was a Jekyll that would hulk out into a war-form Hyde and then devolve down further into a cave-man/beast and then further into a distant human ancestor/chimp analogue. I enjoyed the idea of exploring the more animalistic side of human nature.

    I went the way of using it as a toolkit to allow players to play lovecraftian investigators with deeply tainted bloodlines. Weresquid with telepathy...
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  • ThriceHonored
    started a topic Changing Breeds 1.5

    Changing Breeds 1.5

    This won't be a full conversion but I am going to meet 2nd edition half-way. The changes I have in mind so far are fairly bare bones:

    -Update to 2e experience costs and using beats
    -Beginning with 10 merit dots as opposed to 7
    -Instituting conditions/tils

    Keeping from 1e:

    -Aspects and Favors from CBs. (Yes I know they are a nightmare of balance, I both sort of love and hate that aspect)
    -The fact that there social structures are nebulous. There really isn't any great power structure to bend the knee to like...
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