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  • Yes. Purchase the core Trinity rule book and you will have all the mechanics at hand to homebrew your way through the best games you can imagine. Simple, elegant, easy to understand and far less crunchy than anything else you can imagine.

    My group and I have been talking about adapting AD&D to the Storytelling System. We haven't pulled the trigger, probably because we're all so old school and we love Gygax, but my closest friend and I just spent a night a couple weeks ago destroying the combat and hitpoint system in AD&D, so, I think it's inevitable....
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  • Here's some GMing basics I've learned over 29 years of RPG. Take them for what they're worth.

    In your specific case, players must not conceal backgrounds. If the player is too embarrassed to tell you the truth about his character at the start, then that's a red flag to the player and about the player. You have a person you cannot trust around other human beings. It's one thing for you and a player to work out some secret you both agree to keep from the players until the time is right to spring the plot twist upon them, but a player doesn't get to take that decision upon himself....
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  • Arch Stanton
    replied to Entropy Control
    Actually, that's wrong. Probability is a function of entropy.

    The Law of Entropy simply states that all matter in the universe seeks to exist at its lowest energy state. Thus, when an O2 molecule is excited by a spark of electricity and the two Oxygen molecules have enough extra energy to fly off and join up with two different O2 molecules to form two O3 (Ozone) molecules, within a few hours that extra energy is released (in the form of photons in the blue wavelength) and those low-energy O molecules end up bonding with other single O's to form O2 once more, because O2 is the lowest...
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  • Okay, fine. I just uploaded it all to OneDrive and posted links to that. I don't understand why I have access to an "upload attachments" button if I'm not authorized to upload any attachments, but what do I know?
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  • Huh...I don't know what to think about this. I put together this huge post and included all these attachments. When I try to post, it tells me that the maximum number of attachments I can have is 4. So I think, "That's annoying, but it's cool. I'll just reply and add the last 2".....but when I try that and attempt to post again, it tells me that I'm not allowed to add or remove attachments. So, at this point, I don't know what the F to think.

    Wish I could have shared some cool work with people. Wish I understood an interface that lets me attach files, only to turn...
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  • Trinity - Aberrant - Homebrew Files

    Howdy. For me, the Storytelling System as presented in the original Trinity core rule book is the most elegant set of game mechanics I've ever used. I've used them to create several homebrew games, including the one I'm currently working through now.

    In any event, I thought I'd share some of that work to help out other Game Masters. I'll also be sharing some of my homebrew work for anyone interested.

    Combat Tracking and Visual Aid - When you're group is fighting an epic battle with a few dozen bad guys, it's tough to track all the initiative, damage, etc. So, I made it...
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