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  • MrMonsterGuy18
    started a topic Mage taking over a Vampires body

    Mage taking over a Vampires body

    So, theoretically let's say a Mage take over a Vampires body, leaving behind/absorbing his body in the process? Would the Mage Keep its abilities, the vampires Discipline, both, or just form a bloodline? If This was in one of the Mage books, I apologize because I have not read them in a while.
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  • MrMonsterGuy18
    replied to Requiem Homebrew Hub
    Here is a Cruac ritual I created, feel free to criticize me

    Rite of Return (3 dot Cruac spell)

    This spell may only affect dead ghouls.

    The victim must not have returned to life in any fashion before this ritual.

    Upon casting this ritual, the vampire slits their wrist, pouring a number of Vitae equal to the ghoul's health down the ghoul's throat. The ghoul then rises at the next sunrise. The ghoul no longer naturally heals, but gains the ability to spend Vitae to heal. This Vitae may only be taken from a vampire, no other creatures are acceptable....
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