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  • You may be right about the the requirement. I took mechanics straight from the Selkie, and thought if they need to touch salt water, these guys have to do something. But while seawater should be pretty easy to just have around, you may not be able to just run to McDonalds or something when you're in the Dreaming. I'll keep thinking on it.
    And you're right on both other counts. I'll put those ideas in there for my description. Thanks for the input....
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  • I'd like some feedback on my new Kith, the Faolie

    So, I wanted a wolf kith for the Changeling chronicle I'm building, and I think I've put together something playable. I'd like some feedback to see what more experienced Storytellers would think of this (this will be my first time as a GM).

    Faolie - wolf skinchangers
    Wolves are both a sign of fear and beauty in the dreams of humanity, and the faolie embody both. The faolie are skinchangers like the selkies, but have wolf pelts rather than seal coats. They are the hunter fae, a kith that does not hunt to seek an end, but sees the hunt in and of itself as an end. Humanity has...
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