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  • I use all scaled. And use an excel spreadsheet(/google doc). Different (mostly lower) amounts than other people. I also don't split attribute categories, mostly because it seemed like a pain to put in a spreadsheet. The general broadness-encouraging nature of xp makes it less necessary. I also make the bonus xp be solar xp, since BP are very expensive for charms.
    Once I decided to use a spreadsheet xp became less work to keep track of, because you can calculate how much XP someone has spent just from their stats, ignoring how they got there (bar things like story merits being sometimes paid...
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  • autXautY
    replied to Original Lunar Castes
    The line describing them as "guardians, guides, world- walkers, judges, and mystics." probably implies those were their 5 castes.
    Guardians sounds dex+stamina (both have defensive charms), maybe strength or perception
    Guides fits wits for the form charm.
    World-Walker wants wits for navigation
    Judges - wants perception for scrutiny, maybe appearance or charisma
    Mystics - intelligence, perception, not sure the 3rd category

    Ascetic Concerns: Every Attribute should show up once or twice, no pair of attributes should be together twice,...
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  • autXautY
    replied to Exalted: Arena
    Barebones writeup of a murderkitty build:
    Dex 5/Strength 3+

    Abilities: Brawl 5, Dodge 5, Probably With Specialties

    Merits: Artifacts (Moonsilver Chain Shirt, Moonsilver Smashfist)

    Cat form (Underfoot Menace)

    Charms - This depends on how many you want to give, but my ordering would be:
    Very Good: Last Warrior's Unity, Agile Beast Defense, Golden Tiger Stance,
    Good: Ferocious Biting Tooth, Prey Hobbling Bite, Coiled Serpent Strikes, Finding the Needle's Eye, Striking Mospid Method, Mighty Ram Smash, Sinuous Striking...
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