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  • autXautY
    replied to Ask the Devs
    How does Dark Sentinel's Way interact with counterattacks? Do they count as surprise attacks? Do they cause you to exit concealment?
    Also, can Dark Sentinel's Way hide you after failing to parry an attack? Does this depend on whether the attacker switches targets to you or continues on to the original ward?
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  • Form/not Form is also important if you know multiple styles. Admittedly wolf style's axes and throwing are already awkward to combine with other styles.

    I agree that how long a lodged weapon sticks around isn't a large point. I'm more interested in what happens when someone wants to set up a bunch of lodged weapons as a security measure days or more in advance than in fighting two fights in the same place.

    My thought was a lodged weapon is imbued with being-a-wolf-in-your-pack-ness. Will add some flavor text to the form to this effect.

    Currently there aren't...
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  • I had intended lodged weapons to lose the lodged quality when you had more than perception, when a charm said so, when picked up again, and possibly at the end of the scene, though I didn't state the last part and it isn't as necessary with cap on the number.

    I think you have convinced me of your point.
    Alterations I'd make from this:
    Form no longer has a cap on the number of lodged weapons, weapons explicitly cease to be lodged at end of scene, comment that setting up lodged weapons before the scene is reasonable. maybe add an explicit way for enemies to remove lodged...
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    Last edited by autXautY; 06-13-2018, 08:27 AM. Reason: Adding a reply to Kunoichi

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  • I like these. I worry about the ability to throw multiple lodged weapons at once - it seems like it very easily removes the need to build up lodged weapons over the course of the fight. I'm not sure what is meant by 'Only one weapon may be considered Lodged at medium range from you' - currently you can get as many weapons as you want lodged at medium range from by lodging them and walking away.

    As for an anti-battlegroup charm, maybe one which treats an enemy as lower drill, or forces/makes worse a rout check.

    Army Herding Technique
    Cost:5m; Mins: Essence 2
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  • I probably should have included some flavor text with those. I'll probably edit it later.

    The image in my head was that the attacks made were the axes literally flying out of their spots and hitting people. It's on the explicitly magical end of martial arts, but not outside of dreaming pearl courtesan or silver-voiced nightingale.
    Some of the other effects are either more flying axes, or psychological effects on the practitioner, or a semi-coincidentally thing where the axe is somehow in the perfect spot for them to trip on....
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  • Tried to write something based on this.

    Wolf Style

    Wolf Style Weapons: Wolf Style uses axes, hatchets and great axes to hook around enemy limbs and weapons. It also can be used unarmed, though such attacks cannot be used with the throwing techniques of the style.
    Armor: Wolf Style is compatible with light and medium armor.
    Complementary Abilities: Wolf Style enjoys controlling terrain and enemy movement, and so makes use of the Athletics and Dodge abilities to ensure its own movement is free.

    Sending Out the Pack
    Cost:-(1m); Mins: Essence...
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  • Posting a second character, this time a battle-sorcerer

    Nine Whispers

    Nine Whispers was born a peasant in the Blessed Isle. When she Exalted and was offered the choice of the Coin or the Razor, she chose the Coin. At Pasiap’s Stair, she discovered and was trained in her talent for sorcery, and now serves as a battle-sorcerer in a legion.

    Aspect: Air
    Essence: 2; Willpower: 9; Join Battle: 7 dice (+4 for 4m)
    Personal: 13, Peripheral: 22
    Health Levels: −0/−1x3/−2x3/−4/Incap
    Actions: Shape Sorcery 11(+6 for 6m), Senses 9 (+4 for 4m), Resist...
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  • Patient Avalanche and Confessor both sound cool. Can't really comment on balance without more specifics. The only thing that looks especially hard to balance would be if Patient Avalanche can push enemies/create difficult terrain/knock prone/otherwise keep enemies at a distance, and/or if it can speed up aiming. For Confessor, I'd borrow+modify charms from Calumny or other social artifact weapons.
    Berserker Claws: Does your player have Battle Fury Focus? If they don't, overlap with BFF doesn't sound like a large problem. Reversing wound penalties is probably something that should require...
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  • I'm pretty sure you can get 30 charms under the essence 2 cap. 15 from chargen, 4 from bonus points (4/5 bp per, 18 bp). Essence 3 requires 150 xp, which is at a maximum 18 charms. Dragon xp can get up to 15 charms (martial arts charms are still charms), for a total of 15+4+18+15 = 52.
    Some of those should be excellencies, upgrades, ox-bodies, xp/bp that was spent on non-charm things like abilities and attributes, so there probably won't be 30 charms you'd write on a QC sheet.
    Also, these are NPCs, they don't follow PC rules for xp generation/essence raising.
    A different question...
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