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  • New Controlled Scar: Coping Mechanism
    Keywords: Secondary; Subtle; Repeatable
    Unlike most Controlled Scars, the Deviant suffers a drawback unless she uses the entangled Variation.
    Choose a Persistent Scar with Magnitude equal to this Scar’s Magnitude. The Deviant suffers the effects of the Secondary Scar whenever none of the entangled Variations are active.
    Decrease the final Magnitude of this Scar by 1 if any of the entangled Variations are Subtle. Further decrease the Magnitude by 1 if any of the entangled Variations are not likely to cause story complications when...
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  • I'd err against having a Variation directly counteract a Scar. Though, as a Storyteller, I'd avoid having the Conspicuous aspect cause the Face Thief disguise fail outright. Though that becomes a stretch at the higher Magnitudes of Conspicuous Appearance.

    And/or if Face Thief is entangled with a scar other than Conspicuous Appearance, then you could combine Face Thief with Mimicry in a Monstrous Transformation, or give Conspicuous Appearance the Suppressible Variation: Power Failure (Face Thief Active) deviation....
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