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  • The 1e book Astral Realms discusses this idea. Short version: you can, but there are vaguely defined "consequences". Mages who put a Hallow in their own Oneiros are said to become increasingly erratic and dangerous until either disappearing mysteriously or having to get put down. The possibility of putting one in a Sleeper's Oneiros is raised, with some believing that it will lead to the Sleeper's awakening, but more likely the Hallow will just fade away from Dissonance....
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  • Aha! Behold, Changeling 2e:

    (I came across this completely randomly. Why was I reading Changeling when I've already said I'm running a Mage game? Reasons. Reasons is why.) Assuming the metaphysics of a Dream Form originating from the Gate of Ivory are much the same as an Astral Dream Form, I think this is our answer: Dream Forms that wind up in the physical enter the appropriate phase of Twilight, and must return to their body before they can make the usual role to "wake up"....
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  • Scriptorian
    replied to Is this a Risk of Wisdom?
    Alternatively, make a Legacy based around the idea and it becomes Hubris-free as a matter of course.

    Edit: to clarify, using an Legacy Attainment to achieve this effect would not risk Wisdom.
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