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  • Ian Turner
    replied to Vampire Exercise?
    While a vampire could work out all night long, and never suffer a buildup of fatigue toxins, his muscle tissues would not 'grow back stronger,' they'd return to exactly factory defaults as he slept overday. (Just as his hair returns to the same length it was at the time of his embrace.)

    As I understood it, the strength (and other physical attributes) of a vampire are entirely a function of his blood, not his 'muscles,' and that he'd 'exercise' to increase his strength by spending blood to do so, over and over, night after night, until it 'takes' and permanently increases (which would...
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  • A full on real lightning bolt from the heavens (1.21 gigawatts!) doesn't necessarily do as 'little' damage as the bolts a Tremere is throwing around with Weather Thaum 5, just as a fire can get a heck of a lot hotter than Lure of Flames 5. The Thaum (or Koldunic Sorcery) 'lightning bolts' are balanced to be used by Tremere (or Tzimisce), who don't even need to be much past Neonate levels to be chucking those around. To my mind, they compare to natural lightning as does touching an electric fence to being hit by a downed power line. One is unpleasant, the other much more deadly...
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  • Perhaps I'll give that another try. It's possible that BackerKit wasn't working back when I was trying it. (More possible though that I am just hopeless with technology.)

    That's a shame. Some more aggressive options would have been nice.

    That will be cool. Turning one's hand into a giant bone blade is all well and good, but I like the idea of glues or webbing or urticating hairs or paralyzing nematodes or similar non-lethal 'debuffing' options that might simulate tangler/net guns or the stunning jolts of a cattle prod or taser. I very much...
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  • More standardized powers frameworks would be cool. I remember it being vaguely annoying that the Cryokinetic, Pyrokinetic, Electrokinetic and Algesic Techniques to inflict Bashing damage on someone at range seemed to have oddly different mechanics, and sometimes different effects if you had higher Mode ratings.

    I was kind of spoiled by the more generic frameworks in the Players Guide where pretty much everyone used the same mechanic for their 'inflict Bashing damage attack' and 'inflict Lethal damage attack' and 'imposed a Difficulty penalty to others by causing painful shocks/allergic...
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  • Questions about Psi in the new edition

    So I haven't seen the new rules yet, and likely won't until October, when my books are supposed to arrive, and was looking over my old books and wondering what would be possible under the new rules.

    Back in D&D, I always liked the idea of 'combat divination' spells, in the vein of how Jean Grey opened up Mastermind's mind to 'all of the universe' and drove him nuts, or The Crow gifted a killer with the '30 hours of pain, all at once, all for you' that he'd inflicted upon one of his victims, or even the GURPS spell 'death vision' that forces someone to view alternate visions of...
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