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  • Ian Turner
    replied to Make Your Own Bloodline!
    This was a fun read. I love the idea of a 'poseur' sort of bloodline, and LA is a perfect place for that to form....
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  • Giovanni have a ridiculous advantage with their Necromancy in a complete World of Darkness style setting, as there are entire books worth of powers for Wraiths. That one Discipline essentially gives them access to a dozen or more 'Disciplines' in that sense, and even the basic 'ghost' is a basically an untouchable, undetectable agent that can spy on anything, anywhere, and *might* have powers that allow them to affect people in the living world, without any ability at all for the person to retaliate or defend themselves. It's almost like every new Wraith splatbook was a collection of new and...
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  • Ian Turner
    replied to Teragen 2.0
    We know quite a bit about the Mathematician, Orzaiz and Delorimier, but little or nothing from the point of view of Caroline Fong, so I'd be interested in seeing how her presence changes the dynamics of the Teragen leadership. (Particularly if the new text picks up after her rescue from Bahrain, coming out of a long Chrysalis in who knows what evolved state, and possible retaliation against Delorimier...)

    Orzaiz is an interesting one, but, scattered around the text this charming, charming man can be scarily racist. (His conversations with Andy Vance about rebuilding the Amp Room contain...
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