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  • Unless that human spent an entire life as an ape, had ape parents, went to ape high school, had their first kiss with an ape girl/boy, etc. then yes, it makes no sense.

    But the vampire *did* start as a human, and live a human life, and grow up with human morals and ethics and guidance and values.

    No matter how hard and fast they are running away from that humanity, *they are still defined by it.*

    The hungers, the territoriality, the power lust, the greed, the competitiveness, it's all utterly human. Sure, they can get all precious about having grown beyond...
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  • Conditionally, Necromancy is awesome.

    But it's at the mercy of the ST, more than most of the others, in that if they're not using Wraith rules, but just sort of quickie 'ghost' templates from the back of the vampire book, your spirit servants are going to be much less versatile and potentially powerful.

    It's also the Discipline that requires you to *learn an entirely other game* (Wraith) to get the most out of. I don't need to be able to name the Nine Spheres or tell the difference between a Tradition and a Convention and a Craft to use Thaumaturgy.

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  • Ian Turner
    replied to Gods and Vampires?
    I see some fun possibilities.

    Perhaps, thousands of years ago, the worship of 'Set' led to the formation of a spirit similar to the Jupiter Celestine, and the actual vampire Set found a means to summon and absorb it, becoming both Antediluvian vampire *and* spirit-god, at the same time.

    Perhaps the spirit came first, one of a dozen members of the Ennead, and upon being cast out by his fellow spirits, for the same reasons related in his mythology, came down to the material world and manifested in the body of a vampire who had a cult and was 'stealing' his name, fusing...
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  • A mad, mad, MAD vampire researcher who is trying to nail down exactly how Bloodlines are formed, and is methodically embracing people on pretty much a monthly basis with all sorts of ridiculous strange and exotic circumstances to 'force' a Bloodline adaptation could be fun. ("Experiment #23. She's a former Olympic swimmer, who crossed the English channel. And I've got her in a tank of water, hooked up to an IV that will transfuse her with vitae at the moment she drowns. I theorize that she could awaken with some sort of aquatic adaptation...")

    It never seems to really work,...
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  • Ian Turner
    replied to Favorite Clans and Why
    That is a hot picture!

    Anywho, favorite clans. Uh, almost all of them?

    But only certain interpretations of many of them. For instance, I love Vizier-type Assamites, but not actual assassins. I love 'path of the warrior' type Setites more than the drug-dealing corrupters of innocence.

    Tremere and Ventrue and Nosferatu, in general. These three clans, I even like the 'standard' ones, and not just a subset of them.

    I love the *feel* of Lasombra, but kinda hate their disciplines (Obfuscate, Presence and Potence feel like they'd suit their themes...
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  • Random thoughts;

    Age related appearance aberrations, either the character always looks like a child, and has the equivalent of the Child flaw, or always appears as a withered old person (and yet, paradoxically, has no age-related ability deficits?), or even a mix of the two (appears as a Child with progeria).

    Unliving objects in your immediate vicinity, particularly items you wear or carry with you, seem to age and wear out at 10x the normal rate. Watch batteries drain daily, it seems. Holes wear in your socks, or the armpits of your t-shirts. Shoe soles wear thin....
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  • Back in the days of WW, I wanted to split the difference and get rid of Paths as an alternative to Humanity, and instead introduce them as philophies a Sabbat (or other) vampire could learn as an Ability to help them forestall losing those last 3 or 4 dots of Humanity they've got left (essentially letting them circle the drain just a little longer, at their low Humanity ratings, with these path teachings, using a rigid code of made-up rationalized ritualized psychobabble to cling to their sanity).

    So we'd get to keep 'Paths,' in a sense, but they wouldn't replace Humanity, so much...
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