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  • Thanks. Still some examples would be very helpful...
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  • I find the mage sight system somewhat opaque.

    Anyone who know where I can find some fairly detailed examples for various mysteries and mage sights?
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  • Questions on potency and withstand:
    A mage has prime armor (3 dots) and Wards and Signs (potency 4) active and is the target of an attack spell with potency 8. How much damage does the mage take?

    Similarly with a resolve of 3 and Wards and Signs (potency 4) the mage is the target of a mind spell Psychic Domination with potency 5. What is the potency of Psychic Domination after withstand?...
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  • Bomaz
    started a topic Unable to go to page 2+

    Unable to go to page 2+

    When I have cookies turned off it seems I am unable to access page 2+ of threads. I simply end up back at the first page.

    Whatever mastigos is handling url redirection it would be nice if they could behave.
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  • I'm just gonna chip in with my own headcanon.

    The existence and general shape of the orders are enforced with some imperial spells. It is not so much mind control as mages simply tend to organize themselves that way because that is how reality is "supposed" to look. Kill of all members of the orders and in
    a decade mages would organize themselves in similar patters,
    2 decades realize that they have a lot in common with mages 2 towns over who also happen to value martial might
    3 decades a loosely connected web of mages calling themselves the adamantine sword...
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