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  • What does timesight mean with

    "When a character is about to act, even with a reflexive action, a mage watching with Time Sight is aware of it (if not what that action will be), and may preempt it if he is able."

    What does it mean to preempt an action in this case?

    Is it
    1. Take any reflexive actions available (for example decide to dodge) but can't otherwise act outside of regular initiative
    2. Can always choose to act first taking his turn at the start regardless of initiative
    3. Always act during surprise rounds
    4. Something...
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  • Bomaz
    started a topic Beats from paradox

    Beats from paradox

    I know you get beats from resolving paradox conditions. Is there any way of gaining beats by releasing paradox?

    Something I like to encourage my players to do more
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