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  • Thank you very much! The chart you provide is great!

    Since Death, as one of the mightiest beings in Temenos, is Rank 7, it seems that astral beings born from collective consciousness of humanity won’t be as powerful as souls of celestial bodies and universal phenomena (and thus their maximum power scale is Rank 7). I don’t know if this statement still applies in second edition....
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  • Excuse me, I was wondering if it’s correct that Unfettered Horrors of high-Lair Beasts (Lair 6+) will become astral gods (Rank 6+), even though they are roughly at best as powerful as Rank 5 ephemeral entities while in their Lairs (if calculating their attributes as described in core rulebook p.99).
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  • I misread the symapthy yantra part in the rulebook, thank you for pointing out this.

    The benefit of sympathetic links derived from yantras is really useful if the caster doesn't have the link to the target or the link is too weak....
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  • Oh I see.

    Sympathy Yantras are necessary to utilize sympathetic links, while the bonus die of them represents the benefit to the mind work of mages, which is not applicable to Supernal beings as they cast spells in more instinctual way.

    Thanks for answering my questions! ...
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  • Thank you very much for your reply! About the first and second questions

    1) Does it mean that Supernal entities just use sympathetic links in spells without the requirement of mediums (and thus no bonus from the Sympathy Yantras)?

    2) So it seems that the magic of prisons not only bind the Bounds to Atlantean temples but also protect them from the constant erosion of Fallen World or Abyss....
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  • Hi, I have some questions regarding Supernal entities after reading Mage Core Rulebook and Sign of Sorcery. I would like to know if any of following questions has already been answered, thank you for your kind assistance.

    1.Are Supernal beings able to use Attainments (except for those related to Supernal Summoning and Rotes)? For example, can they utilize Arcana to protect themselves(a.k.a. Mage Armors)? Maybe they can’t use Yantras in spells, but can they cast spells through sympathetic or temporal sympathetic links?

    2.Do the Bounds (exiled Supernal entities) lose...
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    Last edited by agrelletto; 03-31-2021, 07:58 PM. Reason: Correct typo and make questions more clear.

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