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  • Ashnak
    replied to Errata: Scion: Hero
    P. 189: 185: "Your character starts in the center of the Virtue track." 189 does not repeat that information, and it shows an empty virtue track. I propose:
    • Add one dot to the center of the track, to show that this is not a "score"
    • Change the circles in the Virtue track to squares, to indicate that this is something that changes (like a Health or Legend point), instead of a "score" that is constant
    • Add the mark (dot or box) to the center of the Virtue track of each character.

    P. 189: Virtuous condition box
    "Effect: Every point of Momentum...
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  • Ashnak
    started a topic Scion:Hero request: legendary titles

    Scion:Hero request: legendary titles

    It feels like this is not exactly errata, so I don't want to add it to that thread, but I would like to see some more examples of legendary titles. There's the in-line example of Badru ("Master of Hounds"), but if Badru gets a Title at Legend 1, the other pregenerated characters should have titles too.
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