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  • So one of the new Inheritances in the Player's Guide is the Division, where the Begotten and Horror are turned into separate beings, but remain linked by a satiety pool. Let's say a Begotten manages to divide themselves' from their Horror, only to realize the huge mistake they've made in doing so.

    Is it within the realm of possibility for the Begotten and Horror to become one being again?
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  • "Why are you screaming? It's just like before isn't it? Then're not in control this time around."

    Name: Unknown, but a very lucky few know them by the name of Pan'sWrath.

    Family: Talassii

    Hunger: Punishment

    Concept: Satyr flavored Hard Candy

    Lair Traits: Darkness, Undergrowth

    Atavisms: Caught in the Webs, Enemy Within

    Nightmares: You Deserve This, They are All Around You

    Life: Methodical

    Legend: Vengeance

    Among forums for victims of sexual...
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