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  • AdorableChou
    replied to Beast inspiration
    For me, the biggest source of inspiration for Beast has been Legendary's take on Godzilla. He's likened to a force of nature because of the destruction he causes by simply moving. As much as the human cast is horrified by Godzilla, they can't help but be awed by this primordial apex predator.

    The idea of a Beast/Horror so awe inspiring in how terrifying it is became the inspiration for my Anakim Ravager.
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  • Thinking about Beasts and Princesses being friends is interesting to say the least. Partially because I get this mental image of a shaky friendship at first where the Beast and Princess try to understand things from each others point of view, but also understand that they can't change who they are without dire consequences.

    But mostly for the mental image of the Princess on the losing end of a fight about to get killed or worse and suddenly there's the Beast shielding them from the Darkness.

    "So you feed on fear huh? Cute, now let me show you what true fear looks...
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  • If a Beast is in their lair, do they instantly morph into their Horror or is it more like a changing breed situation where they can (mostly) control the transformation?

    Furthermore, can a Beast and a Horror be in the lair at the same time? I ask because the mental image is really cool in my mind. (smol botanist standing with what is essentially godzilla)
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