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  • pang4
    replied to Quotes

    Our resident Viking has just bargained with the hated Tremere, that they will use Weather Control to destroy the lands of a nearby Tzimisce Voivode. As he looks out the window, he sees lightning strike down as storms rage on the Voivodes lands.

    Him: "Looks like Thor is on our side in this fight."
    Me: "Who is this Thor? Is that the name of the Usurper?"
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  • Playing a DAv20 chronicle at the moment with an excellent, highly destructive coterie.

    I play a smuggler-turned-Setite, a small Greek fast-talker who always manages to be comical yet darkly serious. He has fallen into the Setite stereotype of walking Via Peccati and betraying everyone he meets, including his Liege Lord and his Coterie, through largely no effort of his own.

    A noble on the run-turned-Ventrue, who also chose Via Peccati for herself. More debaucherous than my Setite, this Ventrue struggles to live up to her noble lineage while also forging her own path....
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  • pang4
    replied to Best clan for folk horror?
    Jumping off what Black Fox said about tradition and humans being horrible, here's a suggestion for folk horror material.

    Don't show the vampire. Let its presence, sacrifices to it and the desires it represents have seeped into the mortal culture for centuries. This is how things are, and we like it that way.

    They know that good game will always present itself to their hunters. (Animalism?)
    They know that storms and droughts avoid their community. (Weather Control?)
    They know that outsiders either move in and love it (Presence or Dementation), leave and forget...
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