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  • pang4
    replied to Defeating a Lasombra 1v1?
    Some strategies:

    As always, go during the day. Send ghouls or mortal agents to do the deed. He'll never have a chance.

    Napalm the room. Fire damages a Tenebrous form, and the Lasombra doesn't have fortitude to soak.

    Have others defeat them for you. Lasombra make infinite enemies throughout their conquests, find some of them and make a plan together.

    Starve them. Kill their herd and force them to use their powers over and over. Use hit n' run tactics, maybe aided by obfuscate. Their powers require a lot of blood, and soon they will be powerle...
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  • Auspex 1 is great to have, but is more quality of life than utility.
    Presence 1 is the ultimate in quality of life powers, and is amazing in social contexts.
    Daimonion 1 and Mytheceria 1 are both sweet in social games.
    Dominate 1 is a creativity power, that gets better the more you play with it.
    Chimerstry 1 works in a similar vein, but costs a lot to use.
    Obtenebration gets better the more creative your players are. You can do SO MUCH with playing shadows.
    Viscissitude 1 has often been criticized for the level of utility and power it provides. A creative player...
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  • pang4
    started a topic [V20] The search for "Ancient Secrets"

    [V20] The search for "Ancient Secrets"

    In v20, a lot of Clans and Bloodlines are said to be on the search for "Ancient Secrets" of various varieties.
    Setites, Tremere and Baali are always on the prowl for "Ancient Secrets".
    Cappadocians who left their crypts were more often than not searching for Ancient SecretsTM.
    Kyasid and True Brujah spend a majority of their time poring over books, hoping to find Ancient Secrets.
    The entire Tal'Mahe'Ra and Inconnu are basically dedicated to finding their own brands of Ancient Secrets.

    My question to the forums, and especially the...
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  • I believe True Faith is a 7pt Merit, amirite?

    Nevermind everything, didn't see it was V5...
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  • You seem to be in a bit of a bind. Your problems appear twofold:

    The Prince is out to keep you as a trophy Tremere. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as you can make incredible bank as a Prince's pet if you play your cards right. However, it is problematic, the way it is handled.

    The other problem is your Chantrys leader (Regent? Do they have the rank of regent?) If they have it out for you, you're in deep dookers.

    First, here are some things you should absolutely NOT do, in my mind:
    -Kill, or attempt to kill, the Prince. If Praxis has the power to...
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  • pang4
    replied to True Brujah
    CTPhipps :

    Actually Lol'd several times. And yes, Trujah very much evoke the feel of less interesting Cappadocians who never leave their havens.

    At least the Tremere need to do stuff: continually give the Camarilla reasons not to throw them to the wolves.
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  • Also, a hillarious way to escape a dangerous situation, and basically "cheat death":
    Thanatosis 3, Ashes to Ashes.
    If you're in a fight going southwards, just ready a use of the power and wait to get hit. When that happens, "die" by being reduced to ashes. Chances are your enemies will leave and move on, allowing you to "ressurect" yourself.
    What can make the trick even more effective is that Samedi have a reputation as pseudo-Cappadocians and Necromancers, helping you appear as an unkillable blood god when your enemies see you alive once more.
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  • In a DA Chronicle I played, I was a Tzimisce Knight who served an old-as-balls Cappadocian. This Cappadocian was an oracle, so he could know if I was killed through clairvoyance.
    So in that case it wasn't liyal servants, but a self-centered master who wanted to keep his toys beyond death....
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  • IIRC in DAV 20, Viscissitude 5 "Tje Body Impolitic" could be used to cheat final death.

    By splitting off a part of your body and hiding it with trusted servants, you could reconstitute yourself from that part (given blood and time) should your main body be destroyed.

    In addition, the Tremere Regent in my campaign has for the past 150yrs been fervently working on a ritual which seeks to cheat final death. But as I suspect my players prowl this forum, I must refrain from sharing the details.
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