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  • pang4
    replied to V20 Max ritual level
    There have been published all the way up to lvl 9 rituals for Thaumaturgy and Abyss Mysticism, so there is precedent for it.
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  • pang4
    replied to V5 Clan Tzimisce
    Then don't buy V5. Don't play it. Don't give them attention on forums.
    V20, revised and even 1st edition haven't gone anywhere. It's not like apple, where a new update renders the past unuseable. Jack-booted thugs aren't breaking into your house, burning your books and deleting your PDFs.
    I play a V20 and a DAV20 game right now. I'm not a fan of V5 either, but my solution is not to whine and moan on forums about it for the rest of eternity. I just play the games I like. What is so hard about that?...
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  • Well, there is the theory that Cappadocius instigated the Feast of Folly not to punish his clan, but to immerse them in diablerie for a few centuries, so that he could better understand it in order to diablerize God.

    It's not unreasonable that a Zen guy like Saulot had absolutely zero concern for his childer and only cared for his own ascension. And maybe the Tremere play a part in that ascension, allowing him to become an entity of pure soul-stuff through surviving a diablerie....
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  • There's no real need to adapt anything, it just works.

    Your keys to power are the other Elders of your city, the Primogen, and possibly harpies depending on their influence. Keep them happy and on your side.

    Your treasure can be anything, from money to titles to legal loopholes. Manage it well.

    With too many supporters, they have more power than you. Suppress a few, or watch yourself become their puppet.
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  • I'd say it does whatever you want it to for your chronicle. Some excellent ideas in this thread, and plenty of cool plot hooks and sorcerous applications.

    *The vampire possesses and overwrites the soul of the mortal, but remain mortal. This would have HUGE applications, as it would essentially allow you to "reverse" the embrace and escape vampirism. More humane vampires might desire this option, until they learn of the cost...

    *It overwrites the mortal soul and embraces the mortal, essentially allowing a vampire to bodysnatch a mortal. This too has some insane...
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