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  • Writing a longer response later, but for now I'll say this om rituals:

    One cost I love, that enhances both feeling of magic as expensive, difficult and distinct, is ritual components.
    A lot of fluff is skipped over when reading rituals, because players want to get to that juicy "system" section. This is unfortunate, as a lot of fun can be had from the search for strange materials.

    To bring up some fun examples:
    The blood of two still-living twins.
    Three silver wedding rings.
    A stillborn fetus.
    Blood, hair and fingernails from...
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  • pang4
    replied to Hold action & clinch action
    As a ST, this is how I usually do it:

    I make my players describe their actions only in terms of fluff. Then I decide what kind of action they have described, and tell them what they need to roll.
    This lets me have more control over what crunch is involved, and lets me account for my absurd amount of house rules.
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  • pang4
    replied to I need a Pack Name! Help!!
    Some follow - up questions:
    Under what circumstances did the pack form?
    What do the members think of one another? (competitive, familial, strained, brotherly?)
    What kind of jobs do they usually do?
    Where on the zealous - ravenous scale does the pack fall?

    All of these things can influence a pack name ^^
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  • pang4
    replied to Ventrue : The Song
    This is awesome

    I've been working on an anthem to the Nosferatu, to the tune of "Despacito"
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  • Tbh, because my Sponsor wants me to. He wants to kick the Hornets nest, but indirectly. He can't use an of his brood or open allies, so he turns to his hired gun, me.

    Now, he wants me to lose this fight. Because he wants them to think they can beat him. Because then they'll make an "unprovoked" attack, and he will have the Prince on his side.

    That, coupled with that I chose megalomania for my Malk, means that I kind of rule out any smaller powerplays. I NEED to be stronger, smarter, better than these nerds. Because I am. I just need to prove it....
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  • A single Malkavian vs The Local Tremere Clan

    So I'm in a bit of a bind, and would like to ask the internet think tank for brainstorming. Situation:

    My Malkavian needs to wail a bit on the local Tremere clan. Show them he is powerful, and not to be messed with.
    The Tremere don't have much political capital, but could gain some in a hurry.
    I have a Ventrue sponsor, who isn't a fan of them either.
    They have a fortress of a chantry. Bulletproof windows, electronic locks, cameras, wards, the whole nine yards.
    I have a few gang members, mooks and goons I can call on.
    They have unknown Thaumaturgical...
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  • pang4
    replied to "Tell me the truth"
    With regards to using Presence:

    Presence is, at its core, Awesomeness-bending. It takes various facets of your personality and cranks them up to 11 (or 11000 in the case of Majesty).
    If someone hates you, you can be as cool and charismatic as you can, they still won't cooperate. Maybe they'll even turn jealous, and hate you even more.
    On the same token, a person sworn to secrecy won't just spill the beans because you happen to be a "cool dude". It can make you more convincing, but it's hard to convince someone who made up their mind years ago.

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  • Care to elaborate? I smell something pretty interesting, and am intrigued....
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  • V5 should have been treated the same way D&D does new editions: assume previous editions never existed. Create the universe anew from scratch, instead of bending over backwards to make the new version fit in with the timeline. It also awards you a clean slate to fix some mistakes.
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  • Taking all of your ideas and rolling with them:

    Horace was a regular young man, and was drafted to the army after high school. He left proud to serve his country, but came back a broken, distraught man. His faith in God was forever shaken.
    Not that he didn't believe God wasn't watching, but simply that God was too far away. He could not see any individual's plight, there were too many. He could not hear prayer for all the screaming.
    Horace was slowly drinking himself to death, when he was found by the hidden owner of his watering hole, a Malkavian styling herself as "Camilla...
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  • My mistake, misunderstood your post then ^^...
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  • Thaumaturgy literally means "The power to perform miracles." It fits the theme of Tremere really well.
    Akhu refers to the immortal part of the soul, the very essence that Lector-Priests draw their power from.
    Sadhana is the process through which the sorcerer through ritual and spell binds the power of Gods.
    Dur'An'Ki means "The Binding of Heaven and Earth", in reference to the power of the Gods.

    Point being that all of these are well-researched and chosen with care.
    Thaumaturgy even rolls off the tounge, at least more than a name like "Tzimisce",...
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