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  • We did a similar thought experiment, but took it a step further: what if each clan only had ONE Discipline? To really highlight their own coolness and what they do best. This is the list we came up with:

    Brujah - Potence. This is their thing. The first thought most have when they think Brujah is their monstrous strenghth. Skullcrushing and lifting cars.

    Toreador - Presence. You will love them and despair. They will be the center of attention. Presence is the weapon of harpies and performers all over the world.

    Malkavian - Auspex. Letting the Malks see into...
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  • pang4
    replied to Masquerade in our days
    I'd like to offer a contrary point of view: human cynicism and disbelief in the supernatural is stronger than ever, anf with it the Masquerade.

    In the Dark Ages, people assumed that monsters lurked in the night, and seeing anything would just prove their existing beliefs. But now? Is there anyone you know who believes that spooky monsters are coming to take them in the night?

    An example would be the Bigfoot hunters. 99% of the population haven't heard about them, or think they are strange nutters. In WoD, this could be one or several masquerade breaches. The ones who...
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  • Some ideas:

    Get a harpy to start snuggling your backside. Show them generosity, respect and that you are a leader worth following. The harpy will give you a direct line into Elysium gossip, and boost your own rep to boot.

    Identify your loyalists, and make them fill your gaps. There are always those who are afraid or awed by you, and they will want to prop up your powerbase, because they are part of it. Be their security, and they will give you their enemies.

    Make news! Be proactive. You know what is happening because you started it. The rumors on the floor,...
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