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  • Some thoughts:

    Is there any official or semi official word on how old the Antes are? Wikia states 8000 BC for most of them - that seems a bit young. Anyway, Vasilisa is as bad a writing as is ur-shulgi. They are plot devices, which is uncommon for "mere" methuselahs.

    About the Antes lvl 10 Disciplines: Remember that the stats shown and discussed in Gehenna (Absimiliard and Uncle Augie) are affected by the Withering. Augustus and Absimiliard are severely weakened at that point.

    If we just take the square root formula for disciplines and say, that...
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  • Hm, you could always make up New high lvl Power when you wanted to make something unique about the elders disciplines.

    About the system: That was a deliberate choice by the Design Team, so It really is no valid reason why they needed to cap disciplines at 5.

    I really dont get whats easier to have two or three Power combine to get an effect vs. Having one high lvl Power Do It.

    Also i See alot of arguing between STs and players about what lvls and disciplines are appropriate to get a certain effect. Its all the headaches of Mage without the flexibility of...
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  • But whats easier about building a long list of Amalgam Power vs having higher disciplines?...
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  • It's also Not really conceivable how the truly old Monsters Do hide for millenia. Before you had Obfuscate 9, now every neonate can theoretically See through a methusalehs Obfuscate 5.

    Oh well....
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  • First: Thank you for your responses everyone.

    Its psychologically normal for people to react this way, considering V5 is new and a Lot of Players have known her for a very Long Time.

    Of course Matthew and some others are right when saying that Numbers arent the Same for V5. I have Not studied my V5 Books extensively yet, but she seemed diminished in Power even when taking the new System into Account.

    Whats the effect of staving Off the beckoning?...
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  • Helena/Portia - Candid Camera or real?

    Hello everybody,

    i'll make it short, as usual: Are these the real stats of Helena/Portia in V5?

    elena "Portia"
    Sire: Minos
    Embraced: 1207 BCE (Born 1233 BCE)
    Generation: 4th
    Blood Potency: 7
    Ambition: Find a sure way to stave off the Beckoning
    Convictions: Always outsmart your enemies
    Touchstones: Trina Dimitriou — distant descendant of Prias
    Attributes: Strength 5, Dexterity 5, Stamina 4; Charisma 5, Manipulation 5, Composure 3; Intelligence 4, Wits 5, Resolve 5;
    Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl (Grappling) 5,...
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