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  • Hayashi
    replied to Pantheons conflicts regions
    As Brazilian of Japanese descendence, I must just correct a few notes. The biggest concentration of Japanese (and East Asians in general) are in the town of São Paulo (SP). Some neighborhoods of this same city are almost entirely composed by these people. Liberdade (Japanese, and more recently Chinese) and Bom Retiro (Korean) are good examples. There are many colonies of Japanese in the South of the country too (places like Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul states).

    The African descendent people are actually in the entire country, but, as a place of cult, I would say Scion: Origin...
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  • Hayashi
    started a topic Urban Legends/Myths

    Urban Legends/Myths

    I was wondering about some local myths having mythical origins (they are actually a version from a more classical mythological form). Like, let us say that the Blonde in the Bathroom/Hanako-san being a modern version of some classical Divine myth. Being so, I would like to ask: What urban legends (even local ones) would you use as background/NPCs/Companions/Nemesis in Scion?
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