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  • Hayashi
    replied to Transitioning from origin to hero
    Trying to answer in the best of my ability, that is far from being the best available in the Forums, but anyway...

    1. Well, to my understanding Visitations are individual things. Except that everyone is Scion of the same "entity" (yes, there are Scions of beings that are not exactly gods in 2nd edition. Also yes, you can have an entire group of players Scions of the same God and all of them being totally different and efficient) or at least same pantheon, it would be really weird everyone being Visited at the same scene. Yes, everyone could be Visited at the same time, just...
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  • Hayashi
    replied to Nexus Supplement Idea: A Book of Ceremonies
    It's my pleasure to announce that finally, the work is done! (for now)

    Rites & Ceremonies is already available at DT:

    Hope you all like it, and this book inspire all of you greatly. Be it for giving a character more cultural background, or for creating an episode based in one festival or rite here mentioned.

    As I said and can not repeat enough, if you would like to see something added (since really, many pantheons got really short on items), please, let me know. I'll gladly add this...
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