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  • Salagimsim
    replied to Subverting Acts of Villainy?
    I didn't think they were fanmade so much as "unofficial" - as Robert Vance was a writer, no? So there's a certain credibility when something is written by someone who had previously written charms and other such content (and he considered these Acts of Villainy better than his charms).

    I'm not sure if subverting Yozi intentions is the right word - it wouldn't make sense for SWLIHN to want you to brag - so much that their myopic, hyper-focused natures don't see anything out-of-place to begin with in these acts. In other words, I don't think Malfeas consciously decides...
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  • Salagimsim
    started a topic Subverting Acts of Villainy?

    Subverting Acts of Villainy?

    Hi folks - Happy New Year!

    I've seen mention of people subverting Infernal ACTS OF VILLAINY - but is there a thread or post with examples?

    For example, Szoreny's "BEST ENEMY RECOGNITION" applies to positive or negative intimacies - so long as you work to bring the target into your orbit.
    • The "evil" version might be Joker / Riddler leaving clues or kidnapping Robin to lure Batman into their orbit - awesome.
    • The "subverted" version.... could be simple dating. You're not required to be antagonistic at all. Just pursue & date your
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