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  • You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for the speedy responses.
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  • Hi folks! Ignorant questions incoming. I'm more familiar with the oWoD (including Hunter the Reckoning) - but I'm curious as to how the Vigil deals with some ideas.

    How do you find each other?

    The Reckoning didn't really give Hunters a way to detect each other - but The Messengers could certainly give hints - and the fact that we could clearly see each other's Edges (supernatural powers) made it easy to identify a potential ally in a fight (regular humans would rationalize away whatever they saw).

    Are all your factions non-magical?

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  • The odd thing about "past lives" is that it's either personal (and we care) or not (and we don't).

    It's useful if you get players to do brief blurbs on their past lives. Treating past lives as variants on my current character, I could highlight consistent themes or ideas for my concept - and anything the changes is clearly superficial. As an ST, you might see:
    • "Oh, this Eclipse always favors Occult - she's a shaman or diplomat for spirits. But her region/culture varies and influences her little since she seems to always abandon them in favor of her work as a messenger and
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  • There is a vast middle-ground between "unknowable Lovecraftean alien horror" and "the Ebon Dude likes whiskey and hookers".

    As such, there's no contradiction in ascribing them human-like behaviors while still holding to the fact that they & their motives are not human.

    Primordials are designed like conglomerates - and corporations can donate to charities, use social media, write blogs, do PRIDE events, have holiday specials, you name it - none of those things make them human. Even the sales and marketing employees - while representing the c...
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  • Theion shows up in "Shards of the Exalted Dream" with a pretty full write-up in an alternative timeline in which the Exalted lost.

    Page 38 has "A Legacy for Malfeas" should Theion be mutilated, including notes on which charms stay the same in the transition to the Malfeas in Infernals.


    The only real "hypothetical" (what if the Exalted lost) means that the King of the Primordials is untouched. This isn't a hypothetical "future" in which Malfeas is changed into something else - it's a hypothetical past in which he...
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  • I think I get what you're saying and agree with your intent - but I lean in favor of "approach" over "caution".

    First, I question the term "villainous characters" - despite volition, the Yozis are hardly more human than a hurricane or t-rex or a plague. So while it's a smart idea to not demonize people struggling with mental illness - I think the problem is in conflating the Yozis with people, if that makes sense. I don't blame Malfeas for being Malfeas any more than I blame a storm for raining on me or a cat for clawing.

    Secondly, the...
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  • Beat me to it! Michael Goodwin aka Nephilpal - I think also "Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal".

    It should be noted that Autochton is a difficult example - the Yozis (like The Ebon Dragon, Malfeas, etc) for which we have charms are easier to parse.

    For Example: Theion-Malfeas

    It's easy to stereotype him as some lazy Warhammer rip-off in the shape of Judeo-Christian "hell".

    But Theion's imperfection depended on followers - it wasn't some arrogant whim - it was core to how his sense-of-self worked. Even as Malfeas is "rage...
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