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  • gothmate
    replied to Hive Mind doubt
    That's the point. I don't think It's quite clear. On some points, looks like you are accessing old knowledge... Than If you already know the Arcanos, it should improove your knowledge.
    But you got a point, also. That's exactly what made the doubt grows....
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  • gothmate
    started a topic Hive Mind doubt

    Hive Mind doubt

    Hive Mind or Collogue

    ••••• Manifest Arcanoi
    The Spectre establishes such a deep connection with the Spectral mass consciousness that he may tap into the ability
    to wield any Arcanoi and Dark Arcanoi.
    System: Spend 2 Angst and 1 Willpower, then roll Perception
    + Collogue (difficulty 7). You may “learn” only one Arcanos
    or Dark Arcanos with each attempt, declared when you roll.
    On a successful roll, you access that Arcanos’ 1-dot powers for
    the remainder of the scene, and may “learn” 1 additional dot
    for every...
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