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  • Trinity Continuum Aeon: Thoughts About Micronations

    The Trinity Continuum: Aeon book posits that with the Urban Schism, many groups have splintered off into
    micronations in the Australian Outback (and in space and in other arrangements). While Australia tolerates
    they still have to abide by federal law (e.g. paying taxes, ensuring
    children are educated according to a standard curriculum etc).

    micronations in Aeon still need to abide by federal law? Would they still need access to roads? What services would a federal government provide that a
    micronation would require? I assume...
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  • Trinity Continuum Core Characters - No Templae

    I was after a simple system for my group. How would a campaign go with just the Trinity core, and
    without any templates (e.g. no Talents or Psions
    ). Would it still be a robust action adventure system? Would there be anything I would need to
    be concerned with when running the game? Let me know your thoughts!
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  • p16 - The heading is 'Books and Comics' but no Comics are listed, just books.
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  • p73 - Scale needs more clarification and examples as it's a big concept discussed
    very briefly and quickly. Is a Psion automatically better at everything than a normal human, or just matters that are direct arenas of competition (e.g. playing chess)? An example of narrative scale, even a basic, one would be good.

    p113 - There are no vehicle combat rules or rules about driving and piloting. Were the rules from Scion supposed to get pasted in here?

    Consider an appendix of pre-made equipment and gadgets using the super science system -
    Shadowrun Anarchy had...
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