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  • Nilihum
    replied to Ask the Devs v2
    Let's say that I've 5 Stamina and I've but the Venomous merit on my Hybrid Body Transformation and Toxin Sacs on my Terrifying Ogre Alteration. If I use 3 doses of venom in a fight and then activate Deadly Beastman Transformation, do I automatically gain 2 doses venom?

    Can Claws, Fangs, Hooves, and Horns all be bought with a single purchase or do I've to take the merit multiple times?

    HBT can suppress the Giant merit. How many of the six dots does his cost?
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  • Nilihum
    replied to Ask the Devs
    Few Persona Questions:
    • How long can I stay in a persona for after I perform the 4 hour dramtic action to activate it?
    • Can my Persona learn MA charms, spells, or Evoctions that I don't know?
    • Considering that my persona can't have more dots in a Dawn ability than I do, can I swap out one MA style for another that I don't know?
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