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  • The Naglopers are a strange can of worms. They either could be Bosam line - per Becket's diary - or the direct line (with a bit regional mutation in the Blood) of Demdemeh, one of the first childrens of the Eldest, who was quite a traveller - he/she/it first children was in fact Kartarirya, in India or very close to it and Kart considered India his personal hunting ground (and sharing is not really the strongest point of a Tzimisce) not really bothered the fact some Wan Kue or Ravnos was there ... not to mention, since like Demdemeh, Yorak or the other really, I mean REALLY ancient Fieands, were...
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  • Wich itself was a mistery for me considering:
    Tremere: the whole existence of the Clan was "justified" by Tremere consuming Saulot, the well known Antediluvian of the Salubri, and Tremere himself became one
    Brujah: Trolie is not really a myth of the Clan nor Carthage
    Nosferatu: built around a fear so strong of their Antediluvian and Absimiliard's children, they happily set aside and Antitribu/main clan arguments , designed the ShrekNet to monitor Nictuku movement and their Warens are basically fortified ... forts to defend themselves from the said ancient monsters...
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