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  • DamienLS
    replied to V20 - Humanity question
    The way my group plays is you can't kill ANYTHING human or supernatural except a known Wight. Wight's aren't really terribly sentient it would seem. Like killing an animal. Emphasis on known though. I think the Humanity table is really whatever you make of it. Things are open to interpretation. This is just mine. I also probably wouldn't count a mercy killing as murder....
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  • Me personally? I think it all just depends on the kind of game you want. They're very different.

    1. I hate the hunger dice because I hate dice in RPGs already. "When will everyone go the way of Nobilis 2nd?" I always hope deep in my little black heart. I like less volatility not more. I want the game to function more on points like Willpower and BP not less.

    2. I like the fluff of elders kinda... it makes the setting punk. That's very real feeling to me, I love punk. Then again I also have a lenient ST who let me execute a massive plot to blood bond the Prince(also...
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