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  • The rule against embracing wasn't repealed so much as just ignored after the fall of the second generation. Even before it was being ignored as Absimiliard was embracing to aid in the uprising.

    It was after the uprising that Caine instituted the weakening of generations, so that it was less likely for the founders to be taken out.
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  • Kael03
    replied to Malkavian player ideas
    One thing to be careful of is overdoing the whispers. Most malkavians hear things from the network a few times a year. Plus having the others whispering in the middle of the scene at least 10 times can break the flow.

    To me, 1 time, maybe 2, a scene would suffice for the cobweb to come into play. I would also have random, either something to help move things along or go in the polar opposite direction, things written out but kept secret from the players and pick 1 or 2 at random to whisper. And select a player or 2 before each scene to have the whispers and tell them they can go for...
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  • Kael03
    replied to Thoughts on Hunedoara
    The 12 are the overall leadership of the Inconnu....
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