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  • Kael03
    replied to Is this malkavianesque?
    It could be a "prank". The local leader is abusing power or something along those lines and the Malkavian wants to knock them down a peg or 2. Setting up a false Sabbat attack could shift into the political ploy Bluecho mentioned by having word get out that the local regent isn't doing their job and draws in an official from the ivory tower.
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  • Azaneal is likely 5th gen. Huitzilopochtli is the name likely taken by Nergal, who also went by Shaitan....
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  • Azaneal being Second Gen is only said by a small faction of the Tal'Mahe'Ra, which goes against the common threads of all of the stories we know of the era of the First and Second cities.

    Lilith, and the Crone, are both speculated names/identities of the Unamed 3rd progenitor. Who was 4th gen like Nergal and Moloch. And then those speculations don't even agree with each other.

    Also, Lilith was one of the first humans and the one that awakened Caine's disciplines, and was abandoned by him after so he never turned her.

    And the Crone is an ancient entity that...
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