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  • Is it really fooling them if everyone that left the castle that night was dominated into believing Gratiano at least destroyed Lasombra?
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  • Would you rather they take their time to get things right? Or rush and have similar backlash like with the Chechnya thing?
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  • Kael03
    replied to Diablerie questions
    As Justycar said, the physical body stays with the original clan if the diablerized soul obtains control. Mary the Black is still a Baali even though Michael is still hanging around. Monty is still an Assamite even though he is now a blending of himself and Mithras. The new body may obtain new disciplines if the other soul had different ones. In monty's case, though, he and Mithras don't have access to 4th gen levels of power.
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  • Compared to the originals, newly embraced members of the 2nd-4th generations wouldn't be considered "unbeatable blood gods". The reason being is age/experience. They wouldn't have it to make plot device level skills, even with training from the elder members. Look at Gratiano, he's 4th generation but does not have access to Obtenebration skills like Montano because he lacks the age/experience.

    Another thing to look at is the diminishing potential curse that Caine levied when he cursed the founders. Before the curse was brought down, every vampire had equal potential. It...
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