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  • At one point in time they not only dropped 2 nukes on the head of a single antediluvian (and those he was fighting), they used an orbital ion cannon from Command and Conquer on him as well. They managed to cover up that whole ordeal just fine. (I haven't read much from v5 so i dont know if/how the week of nightmares was retconned) Even with a major breach, or even complete collapse of the Masquerade, they can spin it another way to get the general population back in line....
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  • This happens a lot. The elders of both sects are able to sweep little breaks in the Masquerade under the rug because they have their claws in the governments and media. The general populace has just enough gullibility to go along with it and maintain the status quo.

    As for other supernaturals, werewolves and Garou are different animals (pun intended). But werewolves are aware of the existence of vampires and usually try to kill them on sight. Gary believe the vampires are creatures of the Wyrm and will try to kill them as soon as they realize what they are.

    Mages, particularly...
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  • Hence why I said it wasn't 100% true. I know there are elders that have met the clan founders. Some of them are still undead. A good chunk of them are not awake, though, because the older a vampire gets the longer they stay in torpor. Of the 4th gen only a handful are known to be still up and running. And of those, the ones not trying to kill all kindred aren't up for talking much, if they even remember that far back.

    The books give an idea of what happened, but are told from the perspective of narrators that weren't there. They are going off a history that wasn't originally written...
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  • So... you're talking about Requiem?

    Noddism isn't exactly 100% true because, outside of Gehenna scenarios, not many from the beginning time are awake/alive/not wanting the wholesale slaughter of vampire kind so not exactly approachable. Ur-Shulgi is hiding something about the past and most of his contemporaries are dead or in torpor.
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  • Kael03
    replied to World Building: The Warrens
    The Nosferatu specialize in information gathering. They share sightings of Niktuku with other Warrens because of the danger they are known for. They would know when some random schmuck gets close to one of their hidden entrances because if that guy can find them, they are fucked when it comes to their actual survival. If said guy does stumble upon them, someone else is going to pay for not hiding everything to the best of their ability. Doesn't matter if they found some random blueprint or a keypad that shouldn't exist.
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