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  • Seconded! I'd love too see this, and one of my players might even use it!...
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  • Don't have enough time to reply to all of that atm, but I'd like to clarify that yes, only thrown weapons.

    On Shadow of Damocles and the specific number of clones

    Personally, I really like the effect of Shadow Of Damocles. On the other hand, I kinda like the idea that the form charm can just be held onto... But that would mean an indefinite form charm, and while I don't THINK there are issues with that I'm not certain. I'm going to go over that idea for a bit.
    I like your suggestion of changing the effect and will...
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  • Goodness! I appreciate the full review, and am really happy with a lot of your suggestions! I like what you're saying about the form charm and Blend With Fading Light, though I feel that the number of clones should be a definite number, myself. The only other issue with switching their places is thematic, but I should be able to work around that. Perhaps I move Vespertine Echo to earlier in the tree, based on your suggestion on it's essence level.

    I like the mechanical suggestion of being using it to establish stealth, and reading everything you've written has led me to agree that...
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  • Fading Sun Style, a Martial Art for deceptive Solars.

    I wrote this up a while ago, and am now going back and updating it with a better feel for the system. I'm posting it here to get opinions and ideas, and anyone who wants to use it can feel free to do so.

    [My thoughts will be placed in boxes like this.]
    {Edits based on responses will be explained here.}

    Fading Sun Style
    Requires Manipulation 3+
    Crafted by a first age Night Caste who was tired of constantly having to back up her Twilight lover, Fading Sun Style is a martial art designed for manipulation and deception, lies and mistruths. It emulates...
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  • Aquatica
    replied to [Forum Game] What would your character do?
    Needles sighs, thanking the small child who ran so far to warn him. She will be an excellent messenger, if only he gets the chance to teach her. But for now, he is out of time. He follows her back to her village, and begins his work. He teaches, he preaches, he heals. All who need aid find him by their sides, and those with questions find them answered. This is where he belongs, helping people, not fighting deluded would be rulers. When the Dragonblooded finally arrive, no one in the village would think of revealing him. It takes them hours to find the ... Needles in the haystack. By then, his...
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  • Exaltation Mantras, a small set of things I wrote for Solar Exaltation.

    I wrote a set of things for each Caste of Solar Exalt that I've read out each time I've gotten the chance to run the Exaltation of a character. I imagine they're sorta the idea the Unconquered Sun was going for when he forged the Solar Exaltations. They aren't necessarily *words* that a newly Exalted Solar hears, but more of an idea that is aligned to them at the moment of Exaltation.
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