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  • Comes with a side of debilitating Paradox.

    But yeah, his summation is accurate. Even the Seers get their Artifacts from Supernal sources (or digging them up from where Exarchs whispered they might be located). The only way of getting new ones brought down would be to summon a Supernal entity and get it to bring one with it, which shouldn't be easy.

    I'm glad to hear that they are getting updates in Signs of Sorcery, just one more reason to look forward to that book....
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  • To necro the thread as well as get back to the original question: Imo, if a Seer of the Throne is going around all Killgravey (which is totally a verb) then he's bad at being a Seer. They typically prefer to use non-magical means whenever possible because it reduces risk of exposing the Lie. Basically, other Seers would see him as brutish, unskilled, and untalented. If he has to use magic to get people to do what he wants, then it's because he lacks the contacts, clout, and power to get things done without it.
    Not to say they don't use magic, they obviously do, but doing it like that would...
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  • TenguGrib
    replied to Beats from paradox
    Personally I really like the idea of mages having to clean up messes left by messy or sloppy peers. It also allows for cleaning up after Scelesti being something a cabal could be asked to do on behalf of a Consilium.

    But I would definitely make it easier for the person who caused it to clean up the mess....
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