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  • El Barto
    replied to Can Dautain be SIochain?
    I'd say no, since their existence rejects the Dreaming. Whether they're heroes or monsters, siochain play an accepted role in the story of the Dreaming
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  • El Barto
    replied to How do you do your Ravnos?
    In regards to the original question, these are some thoughts on the Ravnos I wrote some time ago(sorry if the the language is rough around the edges, I jotted this down between work assignments)

    Saulot and Zapathasura
    -What is the relationship between these two antediluvians? Is there even a relationship between them? There has to be, seeing as they are both linked with India. Saulot supposedly achieved Golconda in the city of the same name. This is impossible, since the city wasn't founded until millenia later. The name, however, is indian and means grassy...
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