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  • BestCaseSurvival
    replied to Ask the Devs
    As of the Time of Tumult, is there a common understanding among terrestrial gods and elementals as to the true history of the world? If you asked a random but reasonably-lucid god, one who's been around since at least the Contagion "where did Creation come from", would you ever hear the local terms for Primordial, Neverborn, Yozi, or Usurpation?...
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  • BestCaseSurvival
    replied to Advanced Character Generator
    I love this tool, but I noticed yesterday that the current version seems to have some mismatching between Solar charm types and their actual list.
    Steps to reproduce:
    Excel 365, V1.4 9Dragon Blooded Friendly!)
    Open a blank sheet
    Scroll immediately to Charms
    Select Ability: Presence
    Allow subtype autofill
    The list of charms goes from
    Empty Mind Strike (Martial Arts -> Steel Devil Style) -> Healer's Unerring Hands (medicine)

    Looks like the database may have been moved around from previous versions and not updated, or something?...
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