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  • Replace 'supernal' with 'they have a lot of it' then, since if there are no supernals than caste vs favored doesn't matter. How would you make Adam Savage as a Siddie?

    Not moving through time - unmaking things now. It's a subtle distinction, but I think it's close enough to what I've picked up on as the remit of Getimians that I'll be able to fix it when the rules come out....
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  • I've got a concept in the works with five sidereals and an antagonist. To make them perfect I've included their supernals, if the abilities line up correctly to allow it.

    A Sail-Supernal Journeys with a golden barque that can reshape and resize itself to travel anywhere it's needed, even inside people, if fate dictates it so.

    A Linguistics-supernal Serenity with massive hair and a soothing demeanor who stresses that anything you think is a mistake is good, because it's led you to this, the most perfect of moments.

    A Survival-supernal Battles who adopts all...
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  • BestCaseSurvival
    replied to Ask the Devs v2
    So uh... you going to be at Pax East?...
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