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  • Carthians>Anarch

    There goes my two cents

    I think the problem of the anarch is that 90% of their members are just marginal members of the camarilla who do not know what to do with their unlives and thus are easily abused not becuase the camarilla is bad but becuase in general vampires are profesional assholes.The other 10% are the barons and elders who see power in chaneling the rage of an anarch mob and if you look at them they may not be wrong in their strategy becuase a lot of the time Barons=Princes

    The funny thing is that...
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  • Leandro16
    replied to Masquerade in our days
    I always houseruled that the consensus makes humans oblivious to the supernatural becuase in their fear they don´t want to belive . thus as long as at least 60% of the mortals belive that the supernatural does not exist:
    • Vampire victims get their memory erased after being bitten
    • Werewolf attacks are rationalized as wolf/murder hobo attacks
    • Supernatural presence on camera records in rationalized
    • Acts of true magick are rationalized by the general population and magick is harder to cast if its "vulgar"
    Note:People who belive in the supernatural , supernaturals and those of high...
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  • Leandro16
    replied to Menele vs Helena
    Despite it´s wonderful setting the Mechanics of the masquerade were always bullshit and official character stats semmed random or even contradictory I mean helena canonically pierced with her claws menele´s ribs but she doesn´t have protean and if she had it then Menele would be dead becuase agg damage so I don´t think we can truly judge a character for their stats becuase writters outright ignore them.

    That said canon wise Helena never clashed against Menele at full power or in a fair fight
    • In Spain helena won becuase she tag teamed with Prias and Menele army was defeated (Until
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