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  • I always pictured that what scourges and the sheriff do is to patrol the hunting grounds becuase no matter what a vampire objetive is he will always have to feed.

    The rest of the vampiric population helps becuase a newcomer is competition in the best of the cases and a fugitive diblerist , sabbat or a infernalist in the worst.

    Elders don´t like poaching in their own domains and vampire lowlifes don´t like to see more competency plus they know that they can get some kind of favour or apreciation from the autorithies if they help.Take also in mind that Vampires are a...
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  • Leandro16
    replied to You want it darker?
    First I do realistic darkness instead of edgy darkness that means there is light , a small hope for a happy ending or something to loss , without it defeat isnt painful becuase you didnt have to win or loss just to acept your destinity as another martyr in a crapsack world.

    Second I just don´t hold my punches becuase If i were to feel unconfortable with an idea I would transfer that anxiety to my players , when darkness hits it does hard as a hammer

    I also like to make my players ask themselves Did happen what I think? kinda like what happened in the killing joke with...
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