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  • The virtual adept think that the first vampires and shapeshifters were mages who "solidified" their practices into the source code of reality. Becoming fixed parts of it.

    The technocracy (at least in technocracy reloaded) consider that their exist because, subconciously, the masses wants to believe in them.

    And I think at least a part of wraiths (pupeeters? I'm not sure) believes that vampires are wraith Risen and chained to the living world by the blood, which act as a fetter....
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  • Nyremne
    started a topic How much does shadows babble daily

    How much does shadows babble daily

    Based on the books alone, it's difficult to tell how loud are shadows on a daily basis, on one side, nothing stop a shadow from being a non stop commentary machine, but on the other, it's difficult to imagine a whole society whose citizens are constantly listening to a voice in their head.

    In your canon, how much ae shadows present in wraith's daily unlives? A few comments or a continous stream?
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