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  • Sadly, the system of WOD was never good at simulating large groups. I've never experimented with that to be honest.
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  • If my memory serves, the player characters of elder scrolls online, the "souless ones" keep resurecting as, their souls being trapped in oblivion, their essences share the essence of oblivion, making them recompose their bodies just like daedras.

    You can make the act of staying in oblivion planes for long a dangerous event where a ghost will "adapt" in the same way mortals are discorported in the umbra in mage the ascension. Ghosts staying for long period of times would become full part of the realm in which they stayed.

    As so, rather than be a perfect...
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  • Make the Princes Daedra a form of alternative to the (probably) difficultly unreachable aetherius and the all devouring sithis. Some daedric planes are not horrible places per se and selling one's fate to such prince would be better than a THE END fate. The different planes of Oblivion could have a role similar to the Far Shores in wraith, with some ghosts seeking the beauty of the plane of Asura or the knowledge of Apocrypha.

    As the existence of ghosts is a known fact on Nirn, you can ditch the whole Dictum Mortis. You can replace it with an ensemble of kingdoms with different traditions...
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  • Nyremne
    replied to my take on W5
    More like since revised, but in revised, it manifested as a cause of mourning and apathy, the tribes had still nothing better to do than whine on past glories and errors rather than present actions.

    I hardly see why. The whole "get off your seat to fight ecological disaster" was already the word in the 90s, and it won't end in 2024.

    I don't see what in my proposition you see as a periode piece.

    Who said that "the apocalypse is now" means the end is this afternoon after 5? This...
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  • Nyremne
    started a topic my take on W5

    my take on W5

    There was recently a topic about, basically, "how would you do werewolf 5th edition.

    Rather than drowning said topic with how I imagine it, here's another dedicated to it.

    First thing first, be it the way I made changes to the tribes, the garou nation and metaplot,, the most important themes is the necessity for imminent action, the ghosts of the past and the need to change, for no matter how much the harou are called changers, they are bind by traditions as trapping as the worse weaver threads.


    The apocalypse is now. Not next generation,...
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