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  • Yeah, that makes sense and was my immediate thought, but it feels a bit off, somehow. It's like "well, we're in the Shadow now, so the Spirit mage just got three Arcana for the price of one, and the Life and Matter mages can just sit over there." It's like, sure, different situations are great for different mages, but the Shadow has this whole world going for it, and two Arcana are completely ineffectual in there. So going for a quest for a lost ruin in some spirit realm becomes really limiting, wheras handling a good ol' haunting is going to give the Death mage a chance to shine, but...
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  • The Realms Invisible, Arcana, and You!

    Okay, so something I've been wondering about and not been able to find an answer to is how the Arcana interact with the various otherworldy places. The Astral is good: things there are things as they are supposed to be. But what about Twilight? Or the Shadow? Basically, if you were to use Death to enter Twilight, you are now made of ephemera. But does that mean that you can sculpt your appearance with Death, now? And heal you? I mean, I'd say no, and that a living thing is still a living thing, so Life still applies, but I'm not sure if it's completely clear.

    The Shadow makes it more...
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