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  • Dawn on the Isle: Help creating/balancing Evocations

    Running my first 3e Exalted game, and was looking for help with evocations. Not sure how to balance them, what costs to give them, or how far into a tree you need to get before weird stuff starts happening.
    Anywhoozles, quick rundown of the artifacts and themes in question.

    Patient Avalanche (White Jade Powerbow) themes of patience/aiming and natural disasters) no evocations yet

    Berserker Claws (Red Jade/Soulsteel Razor Claws) I think the player's name choice for this one is a little flat, could use some zhooshing up, the player wanted the berserk animal trait?...
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  • Tweedbarista
    replied to Exalted Forum Introduction Thread
    Hello ^^

    longtime lurker, longtime player, recent ST, only recently posting
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