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  • ArcaneArts Well, to give the simple answer first, The Dark Crystal is a scary franchise, and the ST system is used for narrating horror games. Therefore, a lot of it, I feel, blends very well; the Gelflings, as PCs, are drastically overpowered by the Skeksis, so it makes every encounter in this world memorable and intense. Mechanics wise, while you'd have to switch some of the skills out, I feel the Attribute + Skill mechanic works well for having to interact with the world of Thra, with its fantastical world and natural technologies; as simple as it is, I always felt ST was a bit more meaty than...
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  • glamourweaver Oh my gosh, thank you for clearing that up. Honestly, I know I probably came off as brash in my post, but for reals, I appreciate all of the work that goes behind all of these games. And the Onyx Path/White Wolf situation is very confusing, so thank you for helping clear that up.

    That said...

    This is still a perfect fit. I mean, best case scenario, let's assume the always greedy Disney corporation wants to see the IP grow. Is it still feasible to present a pitch of any kind to the execs?
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  • The Dark Crystal Would Be Perfect For The ST System

    Just saying.

    This is a 100% perfect match. Especially with The Dark Crystal being probably as popular as it's ever been.

    So uh... You hear that, Onyx Path?? I know you guys are busy and all, but get to it! Chop chop!
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  • Ssudd387 Thank you so much for all your insight! Honestly, someone to bounce ideas off of is a wonderful thing to have, and I appreciate your thoughts.

    I will be reviewing your comments closely, seeing how well they might match up with what could work and what could work best. I also reviewed the Mnemivore from Night Horrors: Wicked Dead, and think it could work (I like to throw in as many WOD oddities as I can).

    As for the Covenants, the thing is, I have a few players who are new to if not WOD, then certainly VTR. As such, the goal is for this to be a very basic, intro...
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  • ArcaneArts Yeah, I hadn't heard of this Devotion, but adapted to Hunter, it looks perfect for what I was dealing with. Thanks!

    Also, thank you for the great advice! It's always great to get more player tips.
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  • Help With 'One-Armed Samurai' Archetype (Fallen Blossoms)

    So, the other day, I ran a one-shot for Fallen Blossoms (the feudal Japan setting for Dark Eras), and encountered a problem. You see, one of my players is kind of a tricky SOB, and he came up with a 'one-armed samurai' character. Essentially, he put in all of his points into having a character that had one uber strong quick draw attack. Originally I just tried to accommodate the best I could, and indeed my players told me they had fun, but internally I was a bit defeated. Really, since they made their characters on the day of the adventure, I had no idea how to prepare for such a crazy Merit,...
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  • Dude, hell yeah, I would love to check out your episode! I've been looking for more podcasts about WOD, and Geist is no exception. Thank you for your hard work!
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  • Hey there, thanks for the compliments! Also, welcome to the site yo!

    Okay, okay, just going to bounce a few ideas of from you.

    So, if the Prince is the villain, that leads to two more points.

    First, if the neonate's sires don't remember embracing the PCs, then they must have been mind wiped, or something to that effect. That part's easy, in terms of having this be the effect of some kind of item, discipline, or ritual. Or, the Prince hired some other third party that has this ability-that could even be why tourists are now being killed across Amman, because...
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  • Incoporating 'Tourism' As A Theme In VTR

    Oh, well, hello there, dear reader.

    Tis I! A nerd... Looking for help with his plot.


    Look, the gist is this; when it comes to designing a Chronicle, I tend to let my 'senses' dictate where, when, and what the plot of my game is going to be, even if I don't fully grasp the details. And so, yeah, I know that I really want to use 'tourism,' as a theme with the VTR game I have in the works. I'm not a complete noob; I can see how the comparisons can be easily made. But in terms of how it can relate to the plot, well, here are a few of my notes:
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  • Marengo
    started a topic Should I Begin With Mortals or GTS???

    Should I Begin With Mortals or GTS???

    So, it's been a long time since I've run any WOD, but it looks like that might be changing. However, some of my players are kind of new, and I really want to introduce them to the ghost rules of WOD. But time is something of an issue, and, well, should I try to do a mortal game first, or should I just drop them into GTS, and introduce the ghost rules through that? How good is GTS as an intro game?
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