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  • Donavan
    replied to Magical Smithing MtA Revised
    Haha its a good story. Our group is currently 2 mages (A mage whos magic revolves around making healing concoctions that he shoots out of a TF2 Medic style pistol he made himself. Me a mage specializing in akashic brotherhood style magic.), a hunter, and a werewolf. We have been fighting an offshoot of the technocracy that are making super cyborg werewolves. The mage creating them is using nanobots that can 1 repair their host(the cyborg werewolf), or 2 eat away non organic matter that it brings back to repair the cyborg parts. It was scary . Anyways My werewolf friend was sprayed with them...
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  • Donavan
    started a topic Magical Smithing MtA Revised

    Magical Smithing MtA Revised

    I was wanting to make a few melee weapons for members of our group but have very low level crafting skills. I do however have force 2 and matter 1 spheres. Based on my knowledge of the spheres I think using these I could find impurities in the metal while forging, remove them, and perfectly control how the weapons were forming. Just wondering what other people though about this. My werewolf friends axe got eaten in our last session ...
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