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  • Chapter Two: Character Creation Part 4: Edges

    So Backgrounds/Merits make their comeback in The Form of edges. In the system’s predecessors, these generally fall into three categories. Those that enable you to do something you otherwise couldn’t, those representing external resources such as social connections and real estate, and numbers go up. My usual preference towards them is in this order. Even if numbers go up are often the workhorses. So let's see how Storipath fares.

    Mental Edges:
    - That I cover this before the actual rules strike again, but this...
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  • Chapter Two: Character Creation Part 3: Skills and attributes.

    My favorite thing about the word „obvious” is the sheer variety of what one person considers to be so, yet utterly baffles another.
    Specialties not adding to the Skill you have them in sound both counterintuitive and more time consuming than the Storyteller model.
    Miclenaous note: The text seems to change between „X Enhancement” and „X-point Enhancement” with a to me not obvious Pattern.

    Skill Tricks:
    It stays that the characters start with 1, yet under „Step...
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  • Chapter Two: Character Creation Part 2: Path creation.

    This section starts with getting a breakdown of the parts of the path.
    The concept is like for the character, except this time, its for the path.
    Connections come in three flavors. Community is a group of people with connected paths, which you get only one per path. Contact is a singular person who is willing to do you a favor, you get one at the start, then you can either increase its bonus or get more of them. Access is some specialized equipment or place related to the Path and gives Enhancement. You can have as...
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  • I have returned! On tangentially related news, the university finally figured out how this whole education thing is going to work during the quarantine. Naturally, the first server crash happened Monday at 8:00 am. It’s up and running now, so expect this already snail-paced review to slow to a crawl.
    That aside:
    Chapter two: Character Creation. Part 1
    Art: A gala scene. Woman in green seems shady, the blond guy seems to be either suspecting something or an accessory. Woman in red is either a distraction or the target. Not sure what to add.

    Part of me kind of wants...
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  • Onto chapter one: Incidentals.

    The first story is Angels among us by Patric McCrone. It’s about the 17-year old Melissa Bremer breaking three world records.
    As a question, what kind of superhuman is Melissa assumed to be? At the base, the deed seems like a Talent, with nothing that a normal human couldn’t do, just more so. Yet it is something that trained athletes died trying (in lesser depths even), or at least come up with coughing blood. A teenager doing it and coming up in „perfect health” pushes it into the obliviously enhanced territory, like a stealth nova( or...
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  • It's tomorrow now, so let's continue. On to introduction.

    Art: Harry, is that you? Have you been hanging out with the doctor, and upgraded the wand to shiny chrome. At least it’s not a screwdriver. Also, our intrepid hero either acting very irresponsible with very expensive looking tech or is psychic and levitates it. Or is levitation an inbuilt function of the shiny chrome wand?

    So we begin with a quote from a fantasy Novell I never heard about. It alludes to the many-worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics. Interestingly, every time said hypothesis comes up...
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  • An Aberrant fan upgrades to Continuum. (A Lets Read).

    Seeing that due to the plague-panic I have some extra time and 2 pdf- file sitting in my drive for over a month now, let's make a spectacle out of this. I plan to Cover the Core book, Aeon, and Aberrant when it comes out. Depending on how close to or far from release the third is when I finish the second, I may include some supplements as my time and wallet allow.

    About the reader: Hi I’m going by Zsarnok, some college guy with a hobby. You may have seen some posts from me on the forum, mostly in the Chronicles of darkness section. Back in the day, Aberrant was my first RPG that...
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  • Zsarnok
    replied to Lower Depths
    As far as there is such thing as „opposite of the supernal”, that is more of the abyss. As in one is the symbolic truth underlying the phenomenal reality, and the other is cancerous anti-symbols that cause reality to start breaking down from their presence. The Abyss does have specific thing going on. They are called scelestus/scelesti, for more about them I recommend Left-Hand path for 1e and (I think) Night Horrors: Nameless and Accursed for 2e.

    The lower depths are part of said phenomenal reality, only they lack something that the Fallen worlds have, and they try to fill in...
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