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  • That's more of an Influence thing. Probably be Manipulation + Media Influence, though I could see justification for using Charisma in place of Manipulation based on how you went about it.
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  • SleepIncarnate
    started a topic Ananasi and the Triat

    Ananasi and the Triat

    Alright, so the ananasi have two laws that are really important to keep in mind for the questions I have here.

    Follow the aspect and faction that Ananasa chooses for you.

    Understand the ways of the Triat, both as they were and as they are. Know the difference.

    As we all know, the various members of the Triat often have some overlap in what they do. For example, while chaos is usually associated with the Wyld, it is also an aspect of entropy, which is associated with the Wyrm. Likewise, both also can cause death and destruction, the Wyrm as a deliberate...
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