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  • goddessgood
    replied to Quotes you can build a character off of
    "Never have only one reason for doing something." - paraphrased from Elvenbane, Lord Dyran I think

    "I believe that bear is wearing people clothes." - Josh Faraday, The Magnificent Seven

    "What we lost in the fire, we found in the ashes." - Sam Chisolm, The Magnificent Seven
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  • goddessgood
    replied to You Know What I Hate MK I
    The cleaning crew at my office. It's a huge office complex, so I don't know if it's just the crew that works in my part of it, but they routinely frustrate me. The thing that pisses me off the most is that the people I talk to about it look at me like I'm a loon for complaining. What set me off today was that they weren't even trying to pretend to work. It's an "off Friday", so there's only a skeleton crew in the building. My cube is in an office at one end of a long main hall and the cleaning crew closed the double doors leading to my section to make it seem like it was off limits....
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