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  • A quick one from an earlier post about nay-theism that would apply to my campaign. What do you think "could" be a mechanic that would punish/hinder nay-theists in the Scarred Lands? I understand some people would think it unnecessary/unfair/etc... I am looking for responses other than "none" and the like, thank you.
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  • Thank you for all this input and I'll be pouring over these suggestions. I will surely be back with perhaps more questions, but I'm reading through the source material from Sword & Sorcery's 3.5 editions and seeing how this will all fit. Again thank you for the responses.
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  • Planning Pathfinder/Scarred Lands Campaign, opinions?

    The next campaign I plan to run will be in the Scarred Lands, though I'm using quite a few alternate magic systems. Spheres of Power will be the basis for a lot of magic in the world however I'll be using Akashic and Psionics by DSP. Akashic as runecasting (requiring an item to bond to, a slight variation) and psionics will be part of Slarecian experimentation on their slaves descendants. I was looking for a place for Pactbinders from Radiance House and I was thinking the more tribal cultures, having it as incarnations of spirit and ancestor worship.

    I was also looking to plug...
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