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  • Bird Box monsters in the NWOD (Spoilers ahead)

    So I just watched the Bird Box movie and loved the concept. I found it very interesting and unique for a post-apocalyptic scenario. Then I though how would these monsters play out in the NWod universe... Basically would they be their own thing or would it make more sense if they fitted one of the main splat's cosmology. So here are my takes on what the Bird Box monsters could come from in the NWod...

    1) Monsters from the Abyss
    This seems the most natural to me. They are very lovecraftian and they make any mortal who see them basically lose all their Integrity stat. It seems...
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  • My take is that Presence is a blunt show of your charisma, but an honest show. You can be charismatic, dreadful, intimidating, cheerful, etc, but you are using an obvious emotional palette that the target can see and respond accordingly.
    It is like saying "I want this specific thing!" and the target will help you with your goal because they admire/fear/respect you. Or you fail at the roll and the target doesn't help you. They may resent your emotional show but they won't resent you for being "dishonest" about what you want.

    Manipulation, as the name implies,...
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